Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raul Midon and Bobbi Humphrey

Raul Midon doing "Sunshine"

Ms. Bobbi Humphrey doing "Harlem River Drive"


VERB said...

One of My favorite B-Humph tracks, right behind New York Times. Nice selection!

Andre said...

I copped Midon's "State of Mind" album back in '06. Before that, I never heard of him. But I was AMAZED at his work. The dude is fierce!

Brian said...

Thanks Verb!

For those not familiar with Verb.... she is the ultimate music geek. Musicologist bar none.

One of my favorite Sensei's of music.

I'm a music geek myself....but Verb= the pinnacle.

Still a resource to this day.

Unfortunately I haven't had the funds over the last few years to really enjoy music as a hobby (thank God for the net). So I haven't had to draw on that resource as much.

I can't wait until I find decent, respectable employment (that pays), so that I can start buying CD's again.

Brian said...

Midon is underrated.

We don't see enough of these artists/musicians... meanwhile, Hip Hop, Beyonce, Kanye "A--Hat" West, Jay Z etc etc are shoved down the throats of the average consumer.