Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Don't Let Him Be Black

Please don't let him be Black, Please don't let him be Black, Oh God I hope he's not Black, God please don't let the bad guy be Black....

Yes... early on my first thoughts were for the victim, hoping that she would be found safe. But my secondary thoughts, especially after knowing her tragic end, were centered around the identity of the suspect. (See Story).

And now the girlfriend has come forward with her creepy stories.

It's amazing how these guys always seem to have girlfriends.

But I find myself going through this sort of routine whenever there is a big crime story...and the suspect isn't known for quite a while.

Of course Blacks do more damage to the image of Black people than any other group, especially for those who happen to be Black and male....and I blame Black culture and Black media for most of that. But these big news stories are worrisome because they often fit stereotypes.... stereotypes that make life torture for me (at times)....only because i'm sometimes more self conscious than I perhaps should be; even though I don't fit the stereotypes.

I felt the same way about the UNC student who was murdered a while back.

But I know i'm not the only Black person or "minority" who has a knot in his/her stomach whenever these stories come up....mainly for the victim and because of the nature of the crimes....but also because of the unknown ID of the suspect...and the stereotypes and racial fallout (and embarrassment) that often comes with it.


J.R. LeMar said...

Nope. You're not the only one. I have that same exact thought when I hear about crimes, or when some Black person is arrested for a major crime. I'm just like "DAMMIT!"

Paradigm said...

No my friend, you're not alone. I almost hold my hands in front of my face and look the cracks right before they show the ID of the suspect like I'm at a horror flick.

BTW, the next brotha or sista who says, "oh, he must be white. Black people don't...(-insert goolish crime here)" Like, rape, child molestation (R Kelly & other pimps or so-called playa's who cruise high schools and jr highs looking to flip young girls or just easy a** knowing these kids have no guardians and are easy marks in our community) mass murder (cocaine dealing & gang wars), nihilism, self-genocidea is somehow better exceptable.

"At least we ain't no serial killers like white folk!"


Paradigm said...

Sorry, last post was full of grammatical errors and I'll be god dogged if I can find how to edit an existing post.

RainaHavock said...

No are truly not along. I say the same thing.

Andre said...

I'm in complete agreement with the board on this one. Imagine my embarassment when I showed up at work the morning after the DC snipers were identified. I was going around the office proudly declaring that the shooting spree - while tragic - was NOT something my cousins 'nem did. Black people simply didn't do stuff like that.

Then the photos were released.

The embarassment which ensued is too shameful to discuss.