Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking Forward To a Red October

Hopefully they will get through the first round. The Cards have a tendency to choke early.... hopefully not this time.

My number one fantasy matchup would be Cards vs. Yankees in the World Series. Beating up on the Yankees on national TV would be Gold. (Can't stand the Yankees).

I wouldn't mind seeing Detroit getting abused again either.... but NY would be the ultimate prize.


rikyrah said...


as a CUBS fan, the best I can do is wish your team well.

there. i said it.

Brian said...

Your Cubs interfered with our celebration for the division the other night (Friday). lol They had the Champagne chilled and everything....ready to go. Had to put everything back.

But we took care of business last night though.

Thanks for the well wishes...

The Cubs made it fun this year.

Jeff said...

Go Cards. I am a little worried right now, though, because they haven't been playing well of late. If they can get back to the form they were in about 2 weeks ago, they'll be unstoppable.