Tuesday, September 08, 2009

President Obama Speaks to the Nation's Schoolchildren


Brian said...

I told you all back during the campaign that if he became President, he would be treated differently.....with the underlying motivation being race.

The uproar by the Right has been ridiculous. You know these brainwashed parents are the same folks who allow their children to watch MTV, VH1, or follow Britney Spear's every move....or watch Miley dancing on poles. But when the President of the United States wants to provide an uplifting message....all of a sudden there is a problem. All of a sudden they are extremely concerned with what their children are watching. It's a joke.

Almost every President since Roosevelt and his Fireside Chats....has spoken to the Children of this Country in some shape or form...either directly or indirectly via surrogates. The racists are acting as if this is something new. And by the way....I am starting to move towards the opinion that the terms Socialism, Communism, Community Organizer, Marxist, etc....are becoming code for Black or Minority. And most of the teabaggers aren't even aware of the difference between the terms.

Bottom line is...if Obama were White...there would not have been the same sort of reaction to this speech..... not even close.

And I wish NPR and MSNBC would stop tip-toeing around the elephant....and just call it what it is. They should point out the real motivation behind the nonsense.

Brian said...

I wanted to do a post on this....but have not had the time... But i've been amused by the media coverage.