Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michael Steele - at it again


Andre said...

I once blogged about how I thought MC Steele represented a much need change in the Republican party. To date, I'm still not sure why y'all didn't round me up and beat some sense into me when I said that crap.

Brian said...

I saw him Sunday (on one of the sunday morning Talk Shows) playing the race card regarding Gov. Paterson.

He is famous for attacking Blacks and Progressives for bringing up Race.... but he had no problem using race when he stood to benefit (as if all of a sudden he is concerned about Blacks).

There was a response to this on NPR's "Tell Me More"....but I don't have time to dig for the link. But this basically had to do with Steele attempting to help Corzine's opponent.

Regarding the above video... notice how he never answered the man's question.

Then they didn't allow the man to follow up or make his point. Instead...they turned his mic off and threw his a** out.

That's standard procedure for the GOP.... that's why they are so successful at controlling information, and controlling the narrative for their own benefit.

Yet they are all about Freedom and Liberty (yeah...whatever). These Conservatives are walking contradictions.