Monday, September 28, 2009

Higher Taxes Are The Right Thing

Unfortunately, few politicians have the cajones to admit it. Instead, politicians and the public continue to delude themselves into believing that we can bail out the banks, reform health care, and fight two wars simultaneously without raising more funds.

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Andre said...

Co-signed KP. I've always maintained that raising taxes is the only certain way to generate the revenue necessary to get things done. Yet, most people have tapped into their inner selfishness (coupled with instigation from our friends on the right)...and refuse to see the logic. Everybody wants better roads, improved schools, and safer infrastructure...but nobody's willing to pay for it. It's gotten so bad that some people actually consider it "unpatriotic" to invest in their own country.

Raising taxes during an economic crisis is not the best thing to do, to be sure. But people's aversion to taxes go far beyond that. Defies any logic.