Monday, September 28, 2009

The Killing of Derrion Albert

This young honor student was beaten to death by a group of lowdown, no good m_______ that should be put UNDER THE JAIL.

I don't wanna hear anything about the what THE WHITE MAN has done.

The WHITE MAN had nothing to do with these lowdown dogs.

They're preying on Black children who are about doing something with themselves.

I believe that we need to help those who want to help themselves. when that kid came and said that he was being threatened by the gangs, THE ADULTS HE TOLD THAT TO SHOULD HAVE STEPPED IN.

As for the animals that killed him - F____ THEM. I don't give a shyt if they don't have a daddy, a mama, or if they were raised in the forest preserve by wild dogs. put their asses in jail - PERIOD.


ch555x said...

They need to be "promoting democracy" here instead of elsewhere...

Paradigm said...

I'm tired of this shit. The truth is that while Jim Brown coddles gang bangers and Michael Eric Dyson champions Tupac the kids that really need a voice are being hung out to dry.

I HATE Dyson and Brown. I wish 1 time the mother and father of one of these young kids who gets gunned down by a stay "Thug Life (tupac)" bullet or crippled by a "crips and bloods" beating would shove the photos of their slain family members in Dyson or Brown's face next time they start talk'n that bullshit.

Thug Life!? Stand up for something real black america before it's too late. Sh**, it might already be.

Brian said...

I was wondering whether you would post on this.

I wasn't sure if you would tackle this or not.

Although I was hoping that you would spend more time talking about the causes.

But this is normal in "The Black Community". Why are Blacks acting as if this is a shock?

I will give my own thoughts on this a little later.

Brian said...


Glad that there is someone else in the World who can't stand Michael Eric Dyson. A waste of perfectly good oxygen.

Brian said...

I'll try to write a post on this tonight....because I have a few of my own thoughts that I want to amplify a bit.

I'll write some of it in class....while my Prof. is talking Economics (he's a serious economics/bean counter geek). But I can't stand Economics, esp. his brand.

Writing will help me stay awake during his lecture. lol

Paradigm said...

@ AI,

Dyson's dissertation on why Michael Jackson's name was being drug through the mud made me want to vomit. Not to mention Dyson's complicity in elevating Pac to Stockly Carmichael (sp.) status in the eyes of the "black community".

If anyone remembers many years back, when Shug "I gets my ass knocked twice but am still hard" Knight clowned MED on a talk show panel regarding Pac. Made my mf'n day.

Andre said...

Somewhere, some idiot kids are gleefully celebriting this mess. Somewhere, some boneheaded kid thinks it's cool that they mercilessly beat a kid who - by being intelligent - is "acting white." This, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of what happens with a culture when it's dictated to by the thug life and ignorance. Then you have people like Dyson who try to justify this mess (though to be fair, there is a growing breed of these cultural apologists emerging on the scene). But the minute that any one of us attempts to be critical of this destructive behavior, we're "Uncle Toms."

The picture here is too mind-bongling for words.

Andre said...

OK, clearly I need to find a spell-check for my blogger typos. Let's try this again:

"The picture here is too mind-boogling for words..."

Andre said...

Wow, Andre. Just wow.

Third time's a charm:

"The picture here is too mind-boggling for words."

If I screwed this up again, I'm done.

TheVibe said...

@ Andre sadly the whole "acting white" thing is spot on I think in relation to Derrion Albert's murder. I came across this article that talks about this stupid and ridiculous phenomenon talk equates intelligence with acting white -

Just plain sad.