Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sellout of the Public Option

I've told you...I don't give a shyt about the President having a ' signing ceremony' for a bill that doesn't mean squat, and is a handout to the insurance industry, and the continued insult that anything without the PUBLIC OPTION is anything BUT a giveaway to the insurance industry......

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Brian said...

This is going to be a gift for insurance companies. Millions of new customers that they wouldn't have otherwise.... and the Bill is going to be so watered down that they will find ways to get around rules....and they'll continue to engage in their unethical practices....denying benefits. And there will be no true competition (a public option) to influence their behavior.

Sickening and annoying to watch this play out (just as I thought it would).

A bad bill will be worse than no bill at all.