Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Senator Max Baucus' CON GAME

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Brian said...

If Obama is even thinking about signing something like this... he should think again.

This would be the largest case of robbery in American history.... like having a gun placed to my head and someone forcing me to make a withdrawal from my account. But in this's worse... because it will be the government stealing the money on behalf of organized crime- the insurance industry.

You mean to tell me that you are going to force me to hand my hard earned low wages to the private insurance industry...the same industry that has been screwing us? And if I don't cooperate with the are going to fine are going to fine someone who works from one paycheck to the next a huge sum of money? And in the meantime you aren't going to offer me a public option....and my employer could just drop me....because he won't have an incentive to carry me on his fact, they won't have any stiff fines...yet once they dump me.... I as an individual would face a huge fine for not having coverage? What kind of craziness is this?

I thought the idea was to assist people especially like me? But you are going to burden me even more? And there would be nothing to keep the insurance companies in check....not only would they get a massive payoff from this.... they would still be left in charge of the insurance industry. Nothing would fundamentally change for them, except they would have a Hell of a lot more money after they screw a lot of poor Americans. That isn't reform. We would simply be reforming the insurance CEO's pockets...because those pockets would need to be a Hell of a lot bigger to hold all the new money that they would be getting.

They would have no serious competition to keep them in check. They could buy off their friends in the co-ops (I'm not sure if we could trust the private sector to run co-ops) and they could collude to fix prices. We tried co-ops didn't really work, which is why i'm not crazy about doing it again. As long as there is no public option.... they could continue doing basically the same thing that they are doing now.... just with us being forced to give them our money.

The whole concept seems like something from the Twilight Zone. It's just so ridiculously obscene. Even with my most evil predictions for the plan I could not have come up with this.

Once again...the politicians have outdone themselves by setting new lows that we couldn't even contemplate.