Friday, March 23, 2007

Stage Is Set For Fight Between Democrats & White House

Is a Last Minute Compromise Being Worked Out?

Patrick Leahy- Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and John Conyers- Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee both received the go ahead to issue subpoenas to compel White House aides to testify as part of the Congressional investigation of the firings of 8 Federal Prosecutors, likely for political reasons (and possibly worse). However, they will likely wait several days before actually issuing the subpoenas.

As I suspected, Bush has vowed not to allow anyone in the White House to be questioned under oath as part of an open hearing. He is basing his argument on Executive Priviledge. This is shaping up the be the first major political battle between the Bush-ites and the new Congress. Both have stated their positions and Bush has drawn a line in the sand, almost daring and tempting the Democrats to cross it. Any attempt by Democrats to drag Karl Rove or any other White House official to the Congress to testify will likely lead to a long, ugly, drawn out legal fight.

Could this be why a compromise is now being worked out behind the scenes? Possibly, but I don't see how a compromise could work, since both sides are so far apart in their positions.

I am just hoping that the Democrats grow backbones and stand their ground. They have to difinitively make their presence known and send a message to Bush & Crew that the behavior that they may be used to getting away with under a Republican Congress will no longer be accepted.

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