Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bush Administration Forcing Injured Troops To Go To Iraq?

According to an article in Salon.com, the Army is ordering injured soldiers into Iraq. (Additional Report). Just when you think they have hit bottom & can't possibly go any lower, they find a way to out-do themselves. This report made my blood pressure rise, but it was not exactly a surprise to me.

Problems like this one, and the Walter Reed situation, have been going on under the national radar for years now. Folks like Amy Goodman and various bloggers have been reporting these issues ever since the War in Iraq started....so the Washington Post reporters, who got credit for shining the light on this issue, really didn't make a huge discovery. It got a lot of attention because it was reported in the Washington Post, not because it was groundbreaking news. This is why those of us who try to stay well informed, were so pissed off about the pro-war folks (with no clue) who drive around with those damn "Support The Troops" stickers on their cars, when they really didn't understand that the troops WERE NOT being supported by the very government that sent them to war.

Regardless... i'm glad that the national media has finally caught up with the rest of us....and the whole country is now aware of the situation faced by Veterans.

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