Saturday, March 24, 2007

Democrats Attach Pullout To Iraq War Funding

The House of Representatives has passed a Bill requiring U.S. troops to leave Iraq by next year.

But the Democrats are fighting a battle that they cannot win.
This was another symbolic gesture by the Democrats because it is really all they CAN do.

The Democrats don’t have enough votes in either the House or the Senate to override a Presidential veto. And they don’t have enough to stop a Republican filibuster in the Senate. So actually the bill won’t even reach the White House in its present form.

What will happen is that the bill will go through the Conference committee process and will be changed in the next couple of weeks (with no pullout timetable), OR the Democrats will have to rewrite a new funding bill that Bush will agree to sign.

They just wanted to get the Republicans on record….voting against a pullout plan. It’s all strategy to set the stage for 2008.

I think the Democrats should concentrate more on oversight through Congressional Hearings. They should work harder to expose the corruption and misconduct of Bush & Co.

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Roderick said...

AI the Democrats are passing legislation and providing oversight.

Give them a break Congress has only been in session a little over two months and they have already uncovered the politicization of justice in the how the Justice Department fired the U.S. Attorneys.

There will be more to come.