Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Looking For Co-Bloggers

I'm in need of Co-bloggers... people to fill in the gaps and keep the blog flowing nicely. There is just too much going on....the goings on in Washington DC and around the world (especially with the Bush administration) are just too much for 2 brains to keep up with. Bush & Co. alone, with all of its corruption, requires a staff to keep up with their nonsense. So i'm looking for 2 additional brains, including at least 1 female brain.

Some weeks I have time to write a lot (like this week), while other weeks I really don't have much time to even sleep (I get about 4 hours a night). I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with what's going on let alone finding the time to write anything about it.

I work a full-time job and have other obligations. I also may be entering College once again pretty soon (never thought i'd be saying that)....

I eventually want a team of at least 4 bloggers, including myself.

Some criteria that I'm looking for in co-bloggers:

1.) Preferably someone independent minded.... not committed to either of the two major political parties or any particular political philosophy. Generally looking for people who are more progressive or "populist" in their thinking. People who are fed up with both major political Parties. No one who is extreme one way or another. A Democrat or someone left of center is just fine.... But don't get mad when I slam the Democratic Party, lol (Because I slam the Democrats on a regular basis, lol....mostly because I would like that Party to live up to its principles). But I would also consider someone a little more Moderate.... as long as they are moderate but progressive. (You CAN be Conservative or moderate and Progressive at the same time).

2.) Someone who enjoys writing, has decent writing skills, and has experience with blogs....or discussion groups preferred.

3.) Someone who is able to back up arguments and opinions with 3rd party articles and data.... Someone who uses sound reasoning to come to conclusions, rather than just ranting on emotion or political ideology alone. Although opinion is welcome.... (just try to back it up a little).

4.) People who believe that more power (political power) should be in the hands of ordinary people rather than in the hands of those at the very top (that populist thing I mentioned above). People who believe in real Democracy (Democracy as it was meant to be....not as it is today).

5.) People with a college degree or working on one (Preferred...but not required).

6.) People who have a decent understanding of politics, world politics, who keep up with world events, etc. You don't have to be a news/politics junkie like me.... but you have to know what is going on.

7.) People who are more pro-peace as opposed to pro-war. If you're pro-war, you probably won't get along too well with me, lol. I'm not a blind peace advocate... there are sensible ways for governments to use their power. I believe in a strong military (even stronger than what we have). And I come from a Military Family...and was born there two different times as a kid. The military life isn't foreign to me. I'm not 100% Anti-war (as in pacifism), but I am pro-peace. There is a difference. Anti-War is against ANY war under ANY circumstance. I'm almost there....but not quite. There are times for war... but under very limited circumstances IMO.

So I believe in a powerful military....But it's all about how you use the military. I don't believe in the current, Gung Ho, World Police Foreign policy based on Imperialist ideals. Some call that Isolationist.... But that's not it at all. It's called self preservation, and being reasonable. But if people insist on taking it that be it. Isolationism is better than the disasters that we have now....due to this flawed foreign policy. I just believe that the U.S. military should be used to defend U.S. Soil FIRST and FOREMOST. We have more U.S. troops guarding foreign borders than we have guarding our own. There is something really wrong with that. The U.S. military should only be used to defend OUR country, and ONLY our closest allies and most immediate interests overseas. That amounts to just a few countries. I don't believe in all of these Defense Treaties...burdening our sons and daughters with a contract to bleed and die for places that most Americans can't find on a map, especially when the American people have no say in the matter & most aren't even aware of these deals.

Defense Treaties do as much to start big wars and disasters as they do to prevent them (go back to the history of WWI). Most countries got involved in that disaster of a war because of treaty obligations....not because they really wanted to go to war or because their interests were threatened. At the end of that debacle, most countries involved didn't really understand why they got into the fight.

And why are we so dependent on foreign oil for our very survival????? What kind of incompetence got us to this point where the enemy has a noose around our necks? Don't even get me started on this... see...i've gone off on a rant just that easily. That's what i'm looking for....other people who are passionate about the issues.

8.) I cover a lot of issues important to African Americans, but this is not a "Black blog". Although I reluctantly accept the tag when it is given, I don't particularly like that box. In fact, it annoys me. It's often assumed (by those who don't know any better) that if someone is a "Black Blogger" then their range is limited to "Black Issues". That's not the case here...and not the case with many African American bloggers. All kinds of issues are covered here.... domestic-international....and various things in between. What you WON'T find however, are articles about Britney Spears, Anna Nicole, etc. Hollywood could implode tomorrow, and I would not give it much thought. But I am open to an occasional movie review, etc. There are a few light moments on the blog. But what i'm getting at is that race is not an issue for me in choosing a blogger. I don't care if you are martian. As long as you know something about politics, have a progressive passion, are tired of Bush & Co.... and tired of political elites in general (of various stripes).... then that's what i'm most concerned with.


We don't have to agree on everything...and surely won't. It's better that way...because we may have a chance to go back and forth in the comments section.

**Also... look over the get a feel for the kinds of things that I pay attention to. I like to stay focused on important issues. I try to stay clear of Hollywood celebrity nonsense (unless i'm criticizing it). So keep that in mind.

** I also try to use a wide variety of sources. The list of sources that I draw from is pretty large...and I use a lot of multi-media (video and audio), while most blogs stick to text articles. Some of what I use is hard to find.

It's a wide variety...even though I have some favorite sites.... I try to mix it up. There are probably 100 different websites that I could call upon for postings or resources....but since i'm so busy, I often don't have time to dig through them all to find good information or good topics.

Work i'm looking for?

Well, after reading through the blog, you will have a feel for my posting style and the atmosphere.

Looking for people to post a few interesting articles on socially or politically important subjects. Or those overlooked subjects (but interesting subjects) that are important to the blogger.
There is no shortage of topics.

And looking for a little commentary.... about the size of a 2 page essay (dbl spaced). Something that can be done in about 20 minutes. Just long enough to make your points...nothing to give you Carpal Tunnel.

There is no minimum or maximum number for posting necessarily. But I would be looking for 1-3 postings per week.

The site will remain a no nonsense, stripped down site.... I think this Blogger interface is more than sufficient.

The Angry Independent


Unknown said...

I think I'd fit in well here. For a few examples, look here:

The Connoisseur said...

1. Would consider myself independent but

2.) Starting a new blog as well.

3.) Someone who is able to back up arguments and opinions with 3rd party articles and data.... Someone who uses sound reasoning to come to conclusions, rather than just ranting on emotion or political ideology alone. Although opinion is welcome.... (just try to back it up a little).

4.) I believe in Democracy, however we live in a Constitution-based federal republic.

5.) Masters in Education.

6.) Listen to Left and Right talk radio along with CSPAN.

7.) Grew up in a military town with strong family ties to the military. Not pro-peace or pro-war, but pro-self-reliance and pro-self-defense. We can all get along and work together cooperative for the greater good but as a country I reserve the right to defend my borders and people with extreme prejudice.

8.) I’m passionate about my country and seeing it thrive and grow. Not at the expense of, or on the backs of, another country or group of people.

I could be a great addition to your blog. If you are still looking for different perspectives drop me a line: