Sunday, March 18, 2007

Veteran Dies After Being Refused Service By VA

Hear the outrageous story of Willie Dougherty, a Vietnam War Veteran who died while waiting for proper medical treatment. He had been turned away by a VA Hospital after seeking help for injuries sustained in an accident. His family is now having trouble obtaining benefits.

This won't help the Army or the White House, especially since both are in the middle of the scandal at Walter Reed and other locations, regarding the treatment of Veterans. This is an administration that touts itself as being dedicated to the troops. In fact, it propagandizes this notion at every opportunity.

I often wonder exactly what the Neoconservatives and their supporters really mean when they say they support the troops. Are they really concerned about the troops or are they just paying lip service and repeating a slogan? I tend to believe the latter to be true.

It's ironic that they say they support the troops and support the war, but few well-off or wealthy Conservatives have children or loved ones in the war and few have offered their children to Bush & Co. to send into the Iraq quagmire.

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