Saturday, March 10, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

Stories that I have been reading from Around the Blogosphere

--The Field Negro covers the Scooter Libby conviction. Unfortunately, I don't think he will serve much time. In the end, he will likely be pardoned by the Frat Boy.

--The Black Professors, and the African American Political Pundit have been covering the resignation of NAACP President Bruce Gordon. I agree with the assessments of both blogs.

--The Black Professors are also covering Ann Coulter's lunacy. The Republican Party spokeswoman is in the headlines once again.

--The ladies at the Whirled View are looking into a U.S. strategy of secretly supporting Sunnis (the most vicious source of the insurgency in Iraq) in order to counter the influence of Iran.

--Truthdig is covering Newt Gingrich..... it seems that while (at the very same time) the Georgia Good Ole Boy was leading the march to impeach Bill Clinton, he was creeping around himself.... Hmmmm This from the Family Values folks? Smells like Hypocrisy to me.

--Crooks & Liars reports that the Democrats have cancelled a debate on the FOX network. I'm still wondering how this thing got booked with Fox in the first place. That should be the question. The Dems still don't understand the power of media and how/where they fit into the media market of today. This deal should have never been considered.

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