Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Corporate Treason!

The New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting that American Corporation ITT a major manufacturer of night-vision goggles used by the American military, pleaded guilty yesterday to illegally sending classified military information to other nations, including China, and agreed to pay a $100 million penalty.

More This is the largest conviction of a big military contractor for violations of arms export controls, and ends a five-year federal investigation in which the government found ITT to have enlisted a front company to “set up an end run” around laws limiting the transfer of military technologies to other countries.

AAPPundit says: This company should be charged with treason. ITT is not just corporate idiots they are much more. They are corporate traitors. This defense contractor jeopardized US Soldiers. I say before the Democrats Review Guantanamo's Future send the executives of ITT for a little interview about how they made these decisions to sell our technology to China, which was an un-American act of Corporate treason.

From Katrina, to Iraq, to China these corporations have been taking us to the cleaners.. It appears that no one is prepared to curb government contractor abuse. I guess I understand, insider critics lose Jobs.

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Christo-Ranter said...

You siad:

It appears that no one is prepared to curb government contractor abuse. I guess I understand, insider critics lose Jobs.

Then why were they prosecuted, convicted, and fined 100 million dollars?

Adwin said...

Corporate treason is not the only thing that won't sufficiently be addressed during this administration. Can you say Sentaor Foley...were is he? And guranteed Liddy will be pardoned while Genarlow Wilson and Shaquanda Cotton sit in jail.

Anonymous said...

Christo-Ranter, the prosecution was nothing, the conviction ws nothing the 100 million was nothing in compared to what was done. OJ Simpson was prosecuted, convicted and fined millions of dollars too.

Like OJ, this corporation is getting away with....

Anonymous said...

Issuez issuez issuez money can be made but whats most important is the extent for why money and these conflicts of interest are happening. celebreity status dont mean your free from prosecution neither the senate but lets say you have no name and have power to move the masses this is a prime example of greed at work to undermine the people of america and those who dont know why house congressman are cathcing hell cutting and running and the police are rampant hurting people causes violence what is going on these days is there any truth to the matter and how can you bring those to justice if you have no evidence this is a prime example that what fell through the cracks is now coming to light yet will penalties and time be held to those accountable for the actionz they have taken.