Friday, March 23, 2007

John Edwards Pushes On Despite Wifes Cancer

The day before the announcement regarding Elizabeth Edwards, I assumed the worst. As it turns out, the Edwards family got the worst news they could possibly get. Elizabeth Edwards' cancer has returned and it is incurable.

Despite the news, John Edwards has decided to continue with his campaign. I liked this guy before. Now I like the man even more after seeing how he is handling this situation. This guy has a style and grace that I have not seen before in a President or Presidential candidate.

With Tom Vilsack deciding to end his campaign early, and John Kerry deciding not to run, John Edwards is one of the only viable, electable Democratic contenders in the race.
I just don't believe Obama or Clinton are very electable when it comes to a General election.

I hope she is able to fight it. I lost my biological mother to Cancer in 1993. She had a particularly dreadful form of Cancer. I lived with her in her last few months, and had to watch the disease wear her down. I also had an Aunt die recently from breast cancer. This disease has touched just about everyone in one way or another. If you don't have a relative who had it, you probably know someone who either has dealt with it themselves or has a family member who has.

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