Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White House Continues Campaign To Justify War On Iran

Now Bush & Co. has come out with the story of Jamal Jafaar Mohammed, a bombing suspect from Kuwait, who was never part of a trial by jury. Mohammed is now a member of the Iraqi Parliament.

The White House claims that Mohammed is an agent for the Iranian government, and they are now blaming him for helping insurgents.

This appears to be part of the continued PR effort to build the justification for an eventual U.S. attack on Iran. Even Malaki has said he is tired of the U.S. using his country as a proxy battleground for a war with Iran.

Even if he is wanted.... that is the business of Iraq and Kuwait to work out, since the charges are from Kuwait. If the U.S. wants him, they should charge him, and then try to get his governmental immunity dropped so that he can be extradited.

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