Friday, February 23, 2007

Joe Lieberman Threatens To Join Republican Party

Joe Lieberman wants to hold Democrats hostage on the issue of Iraq, threatening to join the Republican Party if Democrats try to cut-off funding for the war.

The truth is, Lieberman has been a Defacto Republican for the past year. So any announcement of a switch to the Republican Party would just make it official. Such a switch could shift the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

It is unlikely (or should be unlikely) that the Democrats would attempt to cut funds in the Senate, because they would not have the votes to carry out such a plan. However, Democrats could prevent or deny reauthorization of funds. Currently, Democrats in the Senate are attempting to attach conditions to any reauthorization of funding. It is unclear what threshold Lieberman has in terms of what would trigger him to make an official switch to the Republican side.

I just hope that the stupid people of Connecticut who voted for him are happy. I think it is safe to say that Connecticut is officially now a Slave State....ooops I mean A Red State. Connecticut is unfortunately in the wrong neighborhood geographically. Can we move a State? Maybe we can officially move Connecticut. Let's give them part of Alabama or Mississippi....and call it New Connecticut. Make all those Leiberman voters move their asses down South. The people of Connecticut would then be among plenty of their fellow Red Staters.

And why did Connecticut join the Confederacy? Because it is a State full of selfish rich folks who are more concerned with having a Senator who can bring home plenty of Pork (funding for local Pet projects) than for a Senator who would tell the truth and exhibit at least some level of moral integrity....particularly about George W. Bush & Co. and their War.

Well, I hope the Red Staters of Connecticut enjoy driving their SUV's over their newly paved Roads.


A Huffington Post Article Regarding the Lieberman Threat to Join Republicans

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