Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tom Vilsack And Americas Paper Democracy

Arguably The Most Qualified Democratic Candidate Has Announced That He Is Ending His Campaign for President

The Vilsack departure is an example of why American Democracy is so farcical. It represents everything that is wrong with the American political system. It is a system where Political figures are created and where “frontrunners” are determined by corporate media, their corporate connections, and to a large extent by corporate money. Democracy? Democracy my ass! Countries in the Third World have better Democracies. What the United States has is “make-believe Democracy“….and it doesn’t even play make-believe very well.

Vilsack was the candidate that had me the most excited about the race. I thought that he could be the dark horse in the race… Someone with impeccable credentials, with an actual background to stand on and be proud of. Someone with a background as a Governor who could have come out of nowhere to become President, exactly the same way that the two previous Democratic Presidents did. And as the former Governor of Iowa, he was poised to do well in the Primaries. Vilsack was among the top 2 best candidates in the race.

This announcement also removes another viable, electable Democrat from the list of candidates. This leaves only John Edwards (and as a stretch…Dodd or Richardson) as the only viable candidate in the race. It greatly weakens the Democratic Party’s chances for beating a Republican in the General Election. This is a significant development because Vilsack could have been a major counterweight to the media created candidates. This unfortunately paves the way for someone unelectable to actually get the nomination. After this event, Democrats don’t deserve to win the General Election. This decrepit Political Party has been pumping money to the un-electables in the race, not to mention not providing the kind of support that all the candidates deserve (demanding equal media time for example).

So why did Vilsack drop out? Well, he was not the media darling. He didn’t create great ratings on Americas entertainment news channels….the same POS news networks that have spent hundreds of hours talking about a dirty stripper over the last few weeks, but have mentioned virtually nothing about one of the worst Genocides in modern history taking place in Africa. CNN, FOX and all the rest can go straight to hell.

Not being the media darling= not getting the money. No money= no TV coverage & no funds to support a staff. And the rest is self explanatory. The cycle is clear. This is why there is a great need for publicly funded campaigns, where all candidates get the same amount of money from a pool….and where everyone gets the same amount of TV coverage….fair and square. But jackasses like Hillary Clinton can’t dream of winning in that kind of fair and square environment. So it’s no surprise that people like the Clintons don’t support publicly funded campaigns where they would have to compete on an even playing field. You see, on an even playing field, candidates like Vilsack win. But in today’s America, this kind of fair and square Democracy is unfortunately frowned upon.

The next time you big media assholes (including you spineless journalists) get the chance to speak to Mrs. Clinton, ask her why she doesn’t support election reform and publicly funded campaigns where all candidates work with the same amount of money and get the same TV time.

Another problem for Vilsack was that his own Party was working against him. How? By tinkering with the dates of the Primary contests in various that they would be held closer to/or earlier than the Iowa Primary. Iowa is traditionally the first Caucus in the Democratic Primary. And often, whoever does well early goes on to win the nomination. So why did they do this? Because they knew Vilsack (a former Governor of Iowa) would do well and would probably win the Iowa contest. This would not have been good for the hand-picked Democratic candidates. What Americans have just witnessed here is a gangster move by the power brokers in the Democratic Party who did not want to see Vilsack do well. With this strategy, Vilsack would have had a hard time even if he did have the funds.


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Tom Vilsack was a dark horse. This is a guy who should have been at the front of the pack. I'm sorry he is dropping out of the race too.