Monday, February 05, 2007

Bill OReilly Must Go

Update to the Missouri Miracle Story from Last Month

70 charges (of Forcible Sodomy) have now been filed against Michael Devlin, the Child Predator caught last month in suburban St. Louis.

Bill O'Reilly stated that Shawn Hornbeck, one of the kidnapping victims, "liked it" when referring to his treatment by his captor.

Now I think it is time for Bill O'Reilly to be removed.

I stated earlier that (at the very least) an apology was in order. But since we are unlikely to get that from him or Fox News, he should resign or be removed from his position.

Corporations who support Fox News with their advertising dollars have to decide if they support O'Reilly's statement or not. By continuing to advertise with Fox (while O'Reilly is there) then they affirm, by their inaction, that they implicitly support his statement.

By removing their ads from the network, they would make it clear that they stand against O'Reilly's statement.

Perhaps we should start making a list of all of those corporations who give Fox News their advertising dollars....particularly during the O'Reilly time slot.

We certainly can't rely on the Nazi's who run Fox News to do the right thing... They have no moral character or moral integrity whatsoever. They are not even a legitimate Professional news organization for that matter.


See O'Reilly's sick comments regarding one of the Kidnap victims, who was snatched at age 11.

Read My original Commentary from Daily Kos regarding Bill O'Reilly.


Anonymous said...

I've always been curious if Bill O'Reilly's good ratings are due in a large part to moderates, liberals and democrats tuning in to see what he'll say next.

I thought it would be interesting to propose that anyone who disagrees with Bill O'Reilly's politics refrain from tuning into the program during a pre-defined period to see how this affects his ratings.

Of course it could be possible that folks who agree with his politics could encourage higher a viewership during the same period to bolster his ratings, but in any case, I think it would be an interesting exercise.

I'm suggesting 2/26/07 - 2/28/07 since this is the end of the industry's "sweeps" period and the ratings of a TV program are closely watched.

While I think that this can be done with any TV commentator, Bill O'Reilly is such a polarizing figure, the exercise has potential to produce significant information.


Anonymous said...

I think it is irresponsible to suggest someone "must go" or be taken off the airwaves just because you disagree with or do not like their commentary. Most of the media is full of one voice, one opinion. Bill O'Reilly is different, and that is why he gets good ratings. If you are looking to bash "hate mongers" or divisive voices, look elsewhere. In the meantime, you are suggesting on the site that only two parties is a disservice to the culture. Funny then, how you will suggest to silence a voice that is more independant than any other out there.