Monday, February 26, 2007

U.S. Military Readiness Fading

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace, says that the U.S. military is stretched to its limit and may not be ready for another crisis.

This seems to be a quiet way for General Pace to tell the Bush-ites that another conflict, such as a war with Iran, would not be a good idea. Will the neo-conservative nuts listen to the Generals?


Related Events

--Several top U.S. Generals have threatened to resign if an attack on Iran is ordered.

--One of Iraq's Vice Presidents was nearly killed in an assasination attempt, while at the same time, President Talabani has fallen ill.

The security and political situation in Iraq does not seem to be improving. This is the kind of instability (along with Al Sadr now rejecting the crackdown effort, weak border security, a destroyed economy with no jobs for the people, political assasinations, a mass exodus of the country's best and brightest, poor water and electrical service, terrorism & religious strife, and the extreme weaponization of the region) that a temporary troop increase cannot fix.

When will the stupid rich White men, who got the nation into this mess, come to this realization?

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