Monday, February 05, 2007

Tom Vilsack Speaking At DNC Winter Meeting

The speeches by John Edwards (who I hope does well), Barack Obama, the disaster named Hillary, Sen. Joe Biden, Clark....all seemed a little bland to me. But former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack gave one of the better speeches at the event. Vilsack is another candidate who I hope does well. With Kerry deciding not to run, Vilsack could easily become the new "real" leader of the pack (if CNN & State-Run Fox News gives their permission).

This guy is the real deal....and he has a record to stand on. Unfortunately, whether he gets the nomination or not will be determined by the media (ooops I mean the voters....yeah right).... it appears that the media has already anointed Hillary. But in my opinion, Vilsack is a real contender....and if it were left strictly up to voters (fair and square) and not pre-determined by the media, i'm confident that Vilsack would finish at or near the top. He would crush Hillary in a fair and square race. But since candidates in the U.S. are often chosen by CNN and FOX News, who knows how this thing will turn out. In such an environment, it is hard for the true contenders like Vilsack and Edwards to get a fair shake.

Remember... I wrote that this would happen (media trying to determine the election by providing unbalanced coverage of the more time and more favorable stories to the media-chosen candidates). If you recall.... this same tradition of the media determining favorites and deciding who this country's leaders will be is exactly how we ended up with George W. Bush.

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