Monday, February 12, 2007

Obama Makes It Official

Obama makes his official speech announcing that he is running for President.

Watch Speech Here

Obama also appeared on 60 Minutes over the weekend. Talking Points Memo offers a summary of Obama's responses to questions regarding Iraq, Iran, & Syria.

A Brief 60 Minutes Preview

Obama later smacked down Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who belittled him, saying that he would be bad for the war on Terror.

John Howard should keep his nose out of our politics, and concentrate on his own country. He needs to worry about the horrible treatment of Aboriginal Australians.

On another note, it seems that Obama is already facing questions about race...and it's coming from all sides (remember, I said it would happen). Some African Americans are raising questions about his so-called "Blackness"... (I really think the media is doing more to raise this question than African Americans are....but it is a question being raised). While at the same time, White America is still trying to determine if Obama is "Safe" enough for them.

I just watched CNN do a segment on this issue, and they had Jesse Lee Peterson on (how does this man get on CNN?). They tried to dissect Obama a hundred different ways. If they (the TV pundits) are this intense about this now- and it's only February 07- then this is going to be an ugly campaign for Obama..... because it is only going to get worse from here on out.

I will concentrate on the man's policy positions.

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