Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American Empire To Spread Its Tentacles Over Africa

Emperor George Bush II has just announced that the U.S. Empire will move into Africa, permanently, with the creation of a new major military command (the first in years). The new military command will be called AFRICOM. It will join the other 5 major commands already in operation: U.S. Northern Command (NorthCom), Southern Command (SouthCom), U.S. Central Command (CentCom), U.S. European Command (EuCom), and U.S. Pacific Command (PaCom).

I thought I was having a bad dream when I saw this.

Now they claim this is because of their sudden concern for Africa. All of a sudden they want to see Africa thrive and hope to work alongside Africans to help keep terrorists out of their countries. Nonsense!!!!

Now all of a sudden they have a sincere interest in Africa??? Please!

If they really wanted to help Africa, they could send more food and medicine!!! How about helping Africa become self sustaining, so that they won't need your handouts? How about doing more about the AIDS crisis, where 6,000 people die daily. Let me say that again..... where 6,000 people die DAILY... DAILY!!!!! Not to mention all of the other problems that the continent is dealing with, like the genocide in Darfur.

These bastards don't give a damn about the Continent of Africa or the African people.
They are only concerned about the natural resources, and establishing military installations that they can use to launch wars. Once they use up the natural resources, get all the slave labor they want, or no longer see a selfish strategic benefit from being in the region, they leave & leave the Continent worse off than it was when they came. At least this is how things have gone in the past. Although, this appears to be part of a more permanent colonization plan.

Genuine concern for Africa or African people is not what is motivating these bloodsuckers.You want to know what has sparked this sudden interest in Africa by Emperor George? It was caused by China's rise and growing influence in Africa. China has been investing billions in Africa, as well as other parts of the globe, hoping to secure the natural resources and the cheap labor needed to support its rapid growth. So the U.S. wants to compete with China for the natural resources there (oil, gas, and other precious resources). I suppose they want to find out which country is better at raping the Continent of its resources. As opposed to getting us off of foreign oil....it seems they want to make us more dependent on it. The U.S. would be much better off investing its time and money into the development of new energy technologies so that we could free ourselves from oil imports. They also want a bigger presence in the region as a way to discourage China, India, Russia and others from coming into the Continent to get the natural resources, or to invest, and to prevent other countries from establishing a strategic position in Africa.

I can see Africa becoming a new battle ground, like it was during the old Cold War..... except this new era will be worse. During the Cold War, Africa was used for Proxy-wars. But I can see China and the U.S. (and other nations) fighting directly for the resources there, particularly as oil resources begin to dry up in other parts of the world.

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