Friday, February 02, 2007

Scientists Report That Global Warming Is Man-Made

And they also say that the warming may continue. Report from the Houston Chronicle.

I wonder if Bush & Co. will continue to deny the situation.

It now only seems to be a question of how fast this warming will happen, and what we can do to adapt. Humans will have no choice but to change along with the weather in order to survive. This report has serious implications. A warmer climate will affect sea levels around the world. Most of the worlds biggest cities and greatests concentrations of people & industry has always been near water.... in the past the obvious benefits of being near water were to engage in Trade, to use the water for travel, and to have access to food (fish), etc. Now we are looking at a situation where large populations may have to move inland. This is especially the case for island communities around the world, and places like the Netherlands, New Orleans, The Florida Keys, Miami, Italy (Venice), and huge populations in India, & throughout Asia (the number of people who could be impacted is just unthinkable really).

Then there is the issue of changing weather patterns, changes in crop management, etc. It could impact the nations food supplies in other ways as well, such as with livestock. As weather patterns change, the normal balance of animals, plants, etc may be knocked out of sync. If the animals that we eat can't find food, etc... then that will impact us.

Much of this probably won't take place in our lifetimes, but the U.S. must think of its future generations. The U.S. has waited too long already.... Bush & Co. has tried to do everything possible to silence these scientists. But it's now time to change course and act. This is yet another reason to change fuel sources.

Other reasons to change fuel sources are:

1. National Security/Dependence on Foreign oil.

2. Limited availability of oil in general.

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