Thursday, February 01, 2007

News Conference With The Geeks From Boston

Of course they think the situation is extremely funny.

They in fact seem to be little snot nosed idiot Geeks, just as I had described them.... before I even got a good look at them. Just based on their behavior.... I figured they were typical Vanilla Suburb idiots. I hope the authorities give them as much attention as possible, since they are seeking it so desperately and since they think the efforts of Police were a joke.

It seems to me that someone should have thought that this MIGHT raise security concerns, because of the way that these items were placed and where they were placed around the city. If this was part of an ad campaign, then these were bad spots to place these items. Definitely not prime locations for advertising. And I don't see how anyone who is not familiar with the program would have learned anything about the show from these so-called ads.

I hope they are AT LEAST forced to pay fines. They will also be open to civil penalties. And the companies should be held responsible as well.

And this all could have been avoided with a couple of phonecalls, a letter....SOMETHING.

And as expected....stupid Geeks fundamentally just don't understand why it is not O.k. to place unusual or strange items underneath bridges where they could easily be mistaken for something suspicious or dangerous....particularly in the city of Boston of all places....where much of 9/11 kicked off. It simply doesn't register in their brains.

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