Thursday, February 15, 2007

U.S. and Britain Rank Last In Child Welfare

The U.S. and Britain came in last in a study that ranked industrialized nations based on the well-being of children. The study was conducted by UNICEF. See Report Here. See Additional Report From the BBC.

This should be no surprise. It is no coincidence that the two countries at the bottom of the list are the two most militaristic countries in the Western World. These two countries, bogged down in a war in Iraq, and flexing their military might all over the planet, seem to be much more concerned with investing in bombs and war than investing in their futures (their own children). This is one of the reasons why the U.S. is already losing ground in the World. One thing that I find pretty ironic about this is that as the bombs, planes and other weapons systems become more advanced & complicated, I wonder, where in the Hell will they find the soldiers to operate their war machine, when the younger generations are not getting adaquate healthcare and education? This too will become harder and harder (the U.S. military is already struggling to find enough qualified warm bodies to send to Iraq). This is a case of two rich imperialist countries that are falling victim to their own lack of good governance.

How does the U.S. expect to compete globally when it doesn't even see its children as an investment of primary importance? The U.S. is already lagging behind the EU, China, & Japan and other parts of the World in terms of education and competitiveness. As a result (within a few decades) the quality of life will begin to drop for Americans. No country that fails to invest in its people (especially its children) should expect good outcomes in the future.

I get a little extra steamed when I read these kinds of reports, especially when they come at a time when $400 Billion dollars of American Tax money is being blown on a stupid military adventure in Iraq. This is all because a group of rich white men who decided to cook up a hair-brained scheme to Democratize the Middle East in an effort to protect the interests of their Corporate buddies, particularly those in the oil industry.

There are hundreds of other ways that $400 Billion American Tax dollars could have been spent.... especially as it relates to investing in our own people.


More detailed information from the USA Today

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