Monday, February 12, 2007

More Information On Iran

More reports on Iran have come out in the last few days, and they provide stronger evidence of a brewing U.S. military confrontation. The reports support my earlier postings that show the U.S. preparing for an attack.

Think Progress has some very useful stories (links below). They have been all over the Iran situation.


1. Bush & Co. Planned to Cook The Books on Iran like they did for Iraq.

2. More Ships Are Headed For The Persian Gulf. A Third Carrier Strike Group (and possibly more) Will Be On The Way Soon.

3. Vice Presidents Office Reports War With Iran A Possibility This Year.

4. The Administration Is Selling A War With Iran, But the Nations Top General Contradicts the White House, Saying There is No Proof that the Iranian Government is Behind Attacks In Iraq.

5. News reports have been saying that Iranian weapons are going to Iraqi Sunnis, which makes absolutely no sense, because Arab Sunni’s are arch rivals to the Iranian Regime, and the Shiite population in general. Why would the Sunni Arab insurgency be connected with Iran? I don't believe there is such a connection. It just doesn't add up.

It turns out, many of these weapons are going to Shiites in Iraq, which does make sense because of the strong links between Iranian and Iraqi Shiites. This is also a group that the U.S. and Iraqi governments have turned a blind eye to in the past, since Shiites control the Iraqi government.

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