Monday, June 18, 2007

Fellow Blogger Protests Comedian D.L. Hughley

Activist, fellow blogger, & member of the Black blogosphere group Afrosphere, Eddie Griffin, protested comedian D.L. Hughley during a recent performance in Fort Worth, Texas. Griffin was removed from the event by police. See his story here.

Hughley was the target of the protest for his offensive remarks about the Rutgers University Women's basketball team..., which were (at the least) just as bad as Don Imus's remarks. Yet, due to a double standard, the major corporate news media did not cover Hughley's ugly remarks. But the Black Blogosphere picked it up.

The war to challenge & maybe change the negative images of African Americans (most often perpetrated by other African Americans) has only just begun. And the Black blogosphere will probably be in the lead in this fight. I mentioned here that it would be a long war.

Although I am not a huge fan of protests, Griffin's act was inspiring. These are the kinds of Lions we need- people who put principle first and who don't waver and won't cower.

It was Black Bloggers who made this issue a wider much so that Hughley was forced to respond. He, and others, have been put on notice.


Angie said...

Yes, I read about this over at Francis' blog. I was also inspired by EG's response to DL.

The Angry Independent said...

Love your blog Angie... your writing is also an inspiration.

I have been meaning to add you to my blogroll for quite some time.. I always seem to get sidetracked. I will make sure I get that done...

Thanks for the comments..

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thank you Angie for your kind words and support. I am greatly encouraged. And, yes, there are still black men who will defend the honor of black women.

rikyrah said...

I am very happy about Mr. Griffin's vocal protest. I have already made up my mind about a personal protest of never supporting anything Mr. Hughley's involved with, but there's something wonderful to know that folks took it to him to tell him that what he said just wasn't right in the least.

Angie said...

AI, you're so sweet. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for adding Nuvision for a Nuday to your blog roll. I didn't think that anyone would be interested in the content of my blog. So, to get feedback is encouraging.

I hate to be greedy, but I wanted to ask you to please add my other blog to your roll. www.africanamericanhealthnetwork.blogspot I started this health and wellness blog earlier this month. I got a little side tracked because I started a new job. But I'm back on it.

Thanks again, AI.

Angie said...

Mr. Griffin, I'm going to come over to your blog and comment. But while I was here, I wanted you to know that I was quite proud. Like Riykyrah, I had decided to boycott any of DL's projects from now on. But I was glad to see that you and your group openly stood up against him and his awful words.

Plus, I was excited that this all happened in Texas. (smile)

Angie said...

Rikyrah, I need you to e-mail me. I wanted to talk to you more about your idea to tell your story on the health and wellness blog. I hadn't forgotten about you. I've just been going through a lot with the start of this new job.

Talk to you later.

BTW: You don't know how glad I am that you are over here with AI. For a long time I've been wanting you to start maintaining your own blog. So, I'm delighted about you being here, blessing us with your insight.