Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bobby Cutts is he a baby killer?

Bobby Cutts charged with murder

Killer Cop? Baby Killer? DAMN!

This will be in the news for a long time. Race, Angry Black man, mixed relationship, cop, white women, black man, police cover-up, holy Shit! There is a lot that we don’t know.

Source CNN

Bobby Cutts, a Canton police officer and the father of Jessie Davis’ 2-year-old son, has been charged with two counts of murder.

Cutts had fathered Davis’ 2-year-old son, Blake, and was also the likely father of her unborn child, a girl she planned to call Chloe. Davis was nearly nine months pregnant when she was last heard from June 13. She was due July 3. More HERE


rikyrah said...

As a woman, I have to ask..

What happened to the good old days when a man just RAN OUT on a woman?

What's up with men killing pregnant women, or, in a case in Illinois just the last 2 weeks, killing your WIFE AND CHILDREN (3)?

I'm not getting it.

Running out on a woman is now WORSE than killing her and your child/children?

I don't understand this logic. If a man can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it.

This is Scott Peterson + Race.


Constructive Feedback said...

In YOUR analysis of this in racial terms and your obvious disappointment that the Black man seemingly did it (per your "Damn" comment) don't you unavoidably position yourself as wanting to defend him?

Over the next few days contradictory evidence will come out. There will be two sets of two camps formed on this subject:

1) Those who are viewing the death of this human being and who will take sides either for or against the guilt of this man in the name of justice.

2) Those who are viewing the death of a WHITE WOMAN by a BLACK MAN and will use this incident as a PROXY for their racial battle. They will either blindly support the guilt of this Black man or blindly support the innocence of this Black man

Which group do you choose to reside in?

rikyrah said...

Can't speak for Angry Independent, but for me, this isn't about race.

The case in Illinois that I mention, is a White man killing his White family and then trying to make it that his White wife tried to shoot him.

I have no inkling to defend a man accused of killing his unborn child. I'm pro-choice, but if this is June, and the baby is due July Third, he killed his child too. And, obviously killed the mother of his child IN FRONT OF ANOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.

For me, this man will fall into the category of Black Folk who have no business being defended by other Black Folk.

IF Ohio has the Death Penalty, he's about to get it, and deserves it. I would be satisfied with him getting life in prison, but he's not worth defending.

Like the man in Illinois, have the trial, and put them away.

But, this case will become tabloid fodder and fast.

Nancy Grace must be salivating.

African American Political Pundit said...

Constructive Feedback, good questions. I understand your points.

The word Damn, was written by me to express disappointment that anyone would kill a human being. Particularly one sworn to uphold the law.

I stand by my word DAMN!

I stand by the side of justice for the victims and the victims families. Please read my recent post on my blog in which Rikyrah asked me a pointed question regarding my thinking as a man. I gave my honest observations as a black man.

My honest DAMN comment was one of disappointment. I truly hoped that the victims would be found alive. DAMN!

Reagrding the issue of race, RACE, will be a factor in the media coverage of this case. It always is. The Media loves this type of news. If it bleeds it leads. A black man killing a white woman, come on, lets not be in denial of how the media is in America.

To me this guy, if found to have committed the crimes, is nothing more than toilet scum. If I were on the jury and found the undenialable evidence that he did killed a baby and the mother. I would vote as a juror to fry the bastard.

Why spend over a million dollars to have him reside in prison. But then again, he would be somebody little bitch in prison. No one likes a baby killer. Not even people who are criminally insane.

Thanks for your questions, they were very insightful. They also made me think about my word DAMN and how one could take it the wrong way. I appreciate your thoughtful questions.

Anonymous said...

"They will either blindly support the guilt of this Black man or blindly support the innocence of this Black man"

Are those really the only options? How about saying "DAMN!" because if you are a black man:
...and he is found guilty, you will be seen as sharing his guilt, or:
...if he is found innocent, you will be seen as sharing his guilt.

That's why I say "DAMN".

African American Political Pundit said...

Good Points

Anonymous said...

What I've seen is an amazing attempt by the national news media to NOT show that he is a black man. Is this being PC or do they want to prevent racial overtiones from being applied to the case by observers? I googled Bobby Cutts and it took looking through MANY links to finally find one that showed his photo and mentioned his race. Why is that?

African American Political Pundit said...


Interesting google search of the name :Cutts, first search find all of 2,189 news articles and thousands of pictures. Same with Yahoo.

CNN, NBC, CBC, FOX, MSNBC websites all of pics.

Don't know what search engine your using.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]"DAMN!" because if you are a black man:
...and he is found guilty, you will be seen as sharing his guilt, or:
...if he is found innocent, you will be seen as sharing his guilt.

I am a Black man.

Actually I was PISSED that the coverage of the discovery of her body preempted a show that I had programmed my Tivo to record.

So much for me as a Black man worrying about "sharing his guilt".

If there is a non-Black person who links his behavior to ME because we both are Black then THEY are ignorant and it is not worth my time attempting to convince them that I had nothing to do with his actions. Why do you have me worrying about something that is irrelevant?

Rachel's Tavern said...

Well, constructive feedback people just aren't that simple.

I just got through reading the white Supremacist boards and Black Voices, because I knew that I was going to be reading a bunch of bullshit, and I wanted to make a post out of it. While many people had strong opinions about Cutts, they also had some really nasty things to say about Jessie Davis and her child.

The white supremacists were saying she deserved to die for being with a black many, and they were making fun of her child and the fetus.

A couple (not most) of people on blackvoices were using this as evidence of how stupid white women are, and one person also thought it would be cool to make fun of their child by saying the kid proves that not all biracial children are cute.

You know when Lacy Peterson died, did people use it as an excuse to attack her?

Anonymous said...

If you look at Bobby Cutts history, you have to wonder how stupid was Jessie Davis? Bobby Cutts is currently married to another woman, has bastard children from other women, and has a record of violence against women. Jessie then has two illegitimate kids with him while he's married to someone else???

The Angry Independent said...

This kind of madness has always been around. It seems to be more pronounced today because of the popularity of cable news... bringing every detail into our living rooms. When I heard about the Illinois case, I knew right away that the father was more than likely involved. It reminded me of the case in Boston 15 or more years ago... where the husband shot his wife (pregnant at the time I believe). I think the husband in that case also shot himself in the leg and tried to fake the whole thing. He even blamed a Black suspect...although that didn't happen in this case.

The case of Bobby Cutts is yet another sickening story... two discoveries/arrests in the same week!

The Cutts case will be fuel to the bigots who are against interracial relationships... Cutts will be the poster Monster for the campaign against the Black "Brute" who must be kept away from non-Black daughters across the country. This case will reinforce all of the stereotypes. The racists are already coming out in force.
Terrible that this woman (and child) had to die so soon and over nonsense. The fact that Cutts is black is like adding lemon juice to the wound.

Another ugly issue that this case will stir up is the whole abortion debate. The Pro-lifers are another group that will try to get mileage from this case.

Anonymous mentioned that Jessie Davis must have been stupid to be with Cutts... How relevant is that really????

It is as if there is this round-about suggestion that she deserved what she got because of her choice to be with Cutts... That's nonsense! Jessie situation was not unigue... or uncommon. Women make these kinds of choices all the time... And none of those choices (as bad as they may be) can justify abuse or the taking of a life.

I am not Star Jones said...

It will never make sense why some men choose to kill the mother of their children (and their children) in such brutal cruel ways.

I'm beginning to believe that there are more sociopaths living amongst us than we realize.

Looking at pictures of Bobby Cutts Jr and his accomplice and I'm shaking my head.

I am not Star Jones said...

uh one more thing
Bobby Cutts Jr is also a cop...are people going to start prejudging cops now?