Monday, June 25, 2007

anti-gangsta rap organizing

Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned Nationally.

Had enough of the Negative Rap Music!


There is more. Check out how true leadership happens locally. Newspaper and community stakeholders in Rochester, NY leading by example.

Leaders in Rochester, N.Y are taking action against negative rap music. They have been waging a campaign against the violence and misogyny in gangsta rap for more than two years now.

For the third straight year, the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board is continuing its campaign to rescue hip-hop from its gangsta rap hijackers.

James F. Lawrence
Editor, Editorial Page, at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. says; “Let’s be clear: We’re not against hip hop, the uniquely urban America musical genre that has gained worldwide popularity. We deplore the way that entertainment executives have thrust gangsta rap and its vileness on pop culture and impressionable young minds.”

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By Gaynelle Wethers, director, Multicultural Affairs, Nazareth College.
By George Moses, project director, North East Area Development’s Freedom School in Rochester.

By Pastor George F. Nicholas of Grace United Methodist Church
By Dennis Moriarty of Honeoye Falls, member, board of trustees, Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester.

Record firms continue to push offensive gangsta rap, and this practice is all about corporate and individual wealth.

The music that’s being celebrated this week at the Rochester International Jazz Festival has much in common with hip-hop.
Freedom School participants take negative lyrics of rap songs and rework them to send positive messages.

Teen listeners share their thoughts about the influence of negative gangsta rap lyrics on kids their age.

Cultivate in young people the intelligence and desire to turn away from the negative imagery and ideas the media so willingly dispenses.


The Angry Independent said...

I am looking through the articles now...

I am glad to see these efforts in cities across the country.

Hopefully this is just the beginning.

g-e-m2001 said...

They actually contacted me today. Wow great minds think alike