Friday, June 29, 2007

Car Bomb Defused In Central London

Police have defused a large car bomb in the heart of London. Report Here.

From what I can tell... it appears that this may have been a situation where the device failed to explode for whatever reason or the driver was enroute to another destination and was unable to continue. This could have also been a suicide bombing where the device failed to detonate. However, unlike in Iraq & Israel, bomb attackers in the UK (even the jihadists) have, so far, not been of the suicide variety. Instead, they have preferred to plant their bombs and walk away. So the driver could have intended to place or stage the vehicle in Central London to be detonated later by cellular phone.

In any case, this incident shows that we are still under the gun. The war in Iraq and the failure of U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East and other parts of the world are continuing to fuel jihadism. This is unfortunately the new way of life for us, largely because of the foreign policy that the U.S. and the UK have pursued.

In the next few hours and days, U.S., British, and EU officials will be in an increased state of vigilance, looking for other possible explosives or suspicious behaviors. The good news is that this device was discovered before it was detonated. The bad news is- if this was the work of Al Qaeda or an Al Qaeda affiliated group, then there is a good chance that other devices exist that have not been detonated (or located) yet. Al Qaeda and other jihadi inspired terrorists typically engage in a swarm of attacks...not just a single event. So we could be in the midst of a terrorist attack still in progress. London has tons of surveillance cameras, and officials will surely be going over video footage.

In my opinion...Americans will also have to be extra vigilant over the July 4th Holiday as well.


rikyrah said...

What a first day for the new Prime Minister.

We will indeed, have to be more vigilant.

Looks like the radicals have found folks willing to kill others in Britain, but not willing to die while killing them.

I know..they're working on it.

Anonymous said...

Hope the good people of the UK will all be safe and they have found all of the car bombs....Al-Qaeda sure loves to destroy anything they can...wothless bunch of dung! It's always about killing innocent people..they don't have the guts to battle's because they are miserable cowards...their attempts are laughable.

Anonymous said...

Crusade Media recently reported the following:

"a new jihadi video, made in the same region, that purports to show a “graduation ceremony” of 300 aspiring suicide bombers headed for the West. According to an account of the tape on the ABC News web site, the ceremony was staged on June 9 at a training camp alleged to be operated by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The video, recorded by a Pakistani journalist, shows groups of about 150 masked men—supposedly suicide bombers assigned to conduct attacks in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States."

Also Germany is on high alert for suicide bombers: