Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NO BOND for Genarlow Wilson

NO BOND for Genarlow Wilson

Genarlow Wilson, the young man who was given 10 years for consensual oral sex in Georgia has been denied bond while awaiting appeal.

The law under which he was sentenced, has since been changed. A judge threw out his conviction, but the District Attorney filed an appeal, which means that Genarlow is still caught up in the legal system. And now, this judge has denied him bond during the appeal process.

He's served over 2 years for consensual oral sex. There are no words, because the only words I feel like using would get me banned.

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The Angry Independent said...

"No Bond" is a little strange in this case... and it says that there was likely an effort under way to make an example out of Wilson.

But then again... this is for bond during appeal. But it still seems a little over the top.

This comes after Cutts gets a 5 million dollar bond. I'm not defending Cutts... but I don't recall ever hearing of a bond that high for anyone.

I believe the other family killer got a mill.... I guess it also depends on what State a suspect is in... but 5 million seems high.

Not that I wanted Cutts to ever make bond... we all know he isn't going anywhere... The bond process in these cases is mostly symbolic.

But enough of these kinds of stories shows a trend of disparity.