Monday, June 11, 2007

If You're a Black Male Teen in Georgia, Think Twice About Having Sex

Sure, I believe it's selective persecution (yes, I chose the word deliberately). But, if you're a Black Male Teen in Georgia, I think you should think twice before you decide to have sex.

First, it was that young man, who was on his way to Vanderbilt, but wound up in jail for having consensual sex.

And now, it's Genarlow Wilson, who is serving a 10 year sentence for consensual oral sex at age 17 with 15-year-old girl.

The judge has voided the sentence, but the District Attorney has filed an appeal, thus keeping this young man in jail. There's so much wrong with this case, it's ridiculous, but the bottom line is the same - young Black men, if you decide to play, you might be paying with the next YEAR of your life, since this law has since been amended.

Two words to remember: SELECTIVE PROSECUTION.

And, guess, who they choose to select to prosecute more often than not. That's right: folks that look like Genarlow Wilson.

Just a friendly warning.


I am not Star Jones said...

my questions...
does anyone in Georgia believe that Genarlow would have been prosecuted if a black girl had performed oral sex on him?

Is Georgia planning to prosecute the 11 year olds (of all races) having sex with each other?
Yeah, 11 year olds are having sex with each other.

Do you think black male teens in Georgia will reconsider interracial dating because of this case?

The Angry Independent said...

That's what immediately popped into my head.

This seems very selective... considering that teens are having sex left and right. (Not saying that this is right... I don't think it is... I'm a little old fashioned, but that's beside the point).

The point is... if this kind of aggressive prosecutorial spirit were spread equally across the board... the nations jails would be full of teenagers.... tens of thousands of them.... perhaps more if this report is correct.

Prosecutors usually steer clear of these kinds of cases (where minors are involved or where young people are close in age) unless parents are pushing for government involvement. Why would the parents or prosecutors be so adamant about this? That's where your point comes in.... race is one of those things that gets people fired up...

And in Georgia.... those taboos have never really gone anywhere.

rikyrah said...

The key to this case was that these teens were idiotic enough to VIDEOTAPE IT.

To be honest, they all could have spent a night or two in jail for being stupid enough to videotape themselves.

THAT really was the determining factor in this case, IAmNotStarJones - the videotape.

If Black male teens didn't reconsider interracial dating after the young man who was on his way to Vanderbilt got thrown in jail....Well...I dunno.