Saturday, September 13, 2008

NPR Helps To Knock Down Palin's Bridge To Nowhere Claim

Hear an audio report about Sarah Palin's claim that she was the reformer and watchdog who saved money for the Taxpayers by stopping the "Bridge to Nowhere" (The Gravina Island Bridge). She didn't give the money back after it was clear that the Bridge to Nowhere was a dead project. Instead, she spent the money on all sorts of other pork barrel projects.

Palin told Charlie Gibson, in her first major interview since her VP nomination, that the money went towards infrastructure projects. But many of the projects, such as a public park, were certainly not related to critical infrastructure needs.

And according to the Washington Post, Palin technically killed the project, but only after it lost political support.
Even the Mayor of Ketchikan Alaska (The city involved in the Bridge To Nowhere) has basically said that Palin is a liar.


Additional Audio Report from NPR

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