Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bradley Effect in Reverse

Could we see a Bradley Effect in reverse? I think it's possible... at least in certain States. What do I mean by a Bradley Effect in reverse?

This means, whites vowing to each other that they will vote for McCain (so that they feel comfortable with one another... so that they aren't seen as traitors by their own)....but in the secrecy of the voting booth... they may vote for Obama...for the sake of the Country.

I just can't accept that Whites are that oblivious to what the Hell is going on. Deep down, many of them know that Obama/Biden would be a much better choice, but perhaps they are intimidated from saying so, by their friends & family. Hell, to deflect suspicion... I wouldn't be surprised if some of these secret Obamaholics have McCain/Palin placards in their yards, just as a front. lol

To continue their ruse... many of them may leave the voting booth, swearing that they voted for McCain. lol Watch the exit polls. Some won't match the final vote count.

Now I don't think this is widespread....But it could show up in one or two key States. Although I don't expect it from the deep South at all. I think there are enough White voters out there, who would normally be Republican voters...but who recognize that the nation is in a Code Blue situation, and they have to change allegiances, at least temporarily....or they may feel that their allegiance to Country is more important than their allegiance to a failed Party.

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