Friday, September 12, 2008

Excellent Campaign Ad

Hat tip to Open Left for this.

This is an example of the type of attack ad the Obama campaign should be producing. It hits you straight in the gut and should be enough to wake people up from their Palin-induced stupor. This is still and should remain an election about serious issues, folks, not about personalities or if you feel this or that candidate is someone you can identify with or have a beer with.


Anonymous said...

Your comment is ironic considering Obama coasted to the top by his image, and STILL does not talk about any real, concrete issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the environment, health care, the economy, international relations, domestic relations, immigrant rights, etc.

redante said...

Hello there

Here's Obama on the issues if you happened to miss it. If you read my other blog you'll see I can get pretty critical on Obama as well. I voted third party the last two elections but this time I am on the Democratic camp.

Given a choice between Obama and McCain on issues such as the war, the economy, healthcare, the environment, international relations, etc. there is a STARK difference between the approaches that an Obama administration would take vs. the approaches a McCain administration would take.

If you happen to prefer a continuation of the Bush approach to governance, then be my guest and vote McCain/Palin. But if you truly want change, then you are more likely to get it voting in a new administration from the opposition than you would the incumbent Party.

Brian said...

I posted this earlier in the Week...

But it doesn't hurt to see it again.

I will probably put it in the sidebar.