Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Registering the Unregistered...But, Will They Vote?

This article details the success thousands of hard working volunteers are having in registering the unregistered. I recently across data suggesting that in 2004 only 70% of eligible blacks in Florida were registered and only 65% of eligible blacks in Ohio were registered.

HT: Scofield

Registering those voters and getting large numbers of those voters to the polls will have obvious consequences, especially in states were outcomes in a host of races will be decided by just several thousand votes. Skeptics will say that increasing turnout will simply be a wash. Registering more Democratic voters will simply cancel out the higher number of registered Republicans.

Not so fast, my friend. Because many more of these previously unregistered belong to demographic groups (i.e. the young, the black, the beautiful) that currently trend Democratic, this has the potential to be decisive.


The Urban Scientist said...

A good question - will they vote? If they were so apathetic and didn't register on their own, will they require someone to wake them up, remind them and carry them to vote, too?

Wishing Civics were a required Continuing Ed class...

Anonymous said...

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