Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is The U.S. Winning The War On Terrorism?

Hear a great discussion on how well the U.S. is doing in the war on terrorism.

I have stated many times that troops, tanks, warplanes, missiles, and ships cannot defeat terrorism. Conventional war and occupation cannot defeat an ideology. Conventional military power cannot stop a group of individuals from obtaining Visa's with false ID, getting onto a jetliner and entering the U.S. or crossing the open Mexican or Canadian border to do God knows what. Military power can't stop that kind of threat. It's like using a shotgun or sledgehammer to kill a fly. In fact, war only creates the conditions that make it easier for groups like Al Qaeda to recruit.

Listen To Discussion Here

I wish Bruce Hoffman and Stephen Van Evera, and analysts like Stephen Cohen could work in an Obama Cabinet. (Are The Obama folks even listening to these brilliant men?). They would make great advisors, because they "get it".


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