Monday, September 08, 2008

A Message From a Community Organizer

I don't think it's a coincidence that those who mock community organizing, also tend to be less tolerant on race, culture, tend to be more xenophobic, etc. It's also no coincidence that McCain voted against a national holiday for a certain community organizer. Now all of a sudden he's the equal rights guy too... (Can't understand how Obama has allowed McCain to steal half his platform).

The truth is... these people hold us in contempt.... The fact that Americans responded so positively to the racist code language and vitriol of the Republican Convention shows how divided America really is underneath the facade.

Hear a Community Organizer talk about sacrifice, sticking together, and discouragement.


Truthiz said...

I really had to think about this for a minute because__

As much as I'd like to point to "Racism" as the reason why so many Republicans openly mock Obama as a “Community-Organizer”_the truth is, while “racism” is certainly alive and well in America, it’s certainly NOT the Not the motivating factor in all cases.

In some cases it's not a factor at all.

Sadly, I could easily argue that Barack’s failure to clearly define exactly what his responsibilities were, as a “Community-Organizer” and to clearly state in terms of CONCRETE accomplishments, exactly what goals were achieved under his leadership?_ provides ammo for many of his critics to use against him.

People, like me, want to know:

"Besides his most commonly cited achievement of forcing the city of Chicago to begin testing for asbestos in all city apartments _ was he and the other organizers he recruited able to transform the South Side neighborhoods in Chicago?" If so_in what ways?

"Were they able to bring new industries to provide jobs?"

Were educational/vocational programs implemented to effectively address the needs of growing numbers of adults who’ve lost their jobs and must learn and develop new skills to compete in a shrinking job market?

How involved and assertive was Obama? How much time did he spend On. The. Front. Line?

As a Community-Organizer, Dr. King was On. The. Front. Lines., clearly visible and Strongly advocating for the people. He stood his ground on principle (despite the risks and despite his critics) for what they truly believed to be “Right” and “Just”, morally and ethically. And even though his enemies HATED him and put him through h*ll long before they killed him, he kept up the “Good” fight. And his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Word to Obama:

The way to shut your critics up is take away their ammo. Oh they’ll still shoot off their mouths but they’ll be shooting blanks!

Brian said...

I think it's classism as much as racism, if not more. But race is definitely a factor IMO.

I agree, Obama needs to sharpen his message, talk about what he has done and what he plans to do in detail.

He has to give voters an easier way to find the information...

He needs an information staff on steroids. They have to match the Republican propoganda machine... a huge task... but they have had months to prepare.

No excuse for not being ready.

Truthiz said...

"No excuse for not being ready.'

Nope_none at all.