Friday, September 05, 2008

The Lies Told By Sarah Palin

The lies just kept coming during the Republican Convention....

Below are some of the lies told by Sarah Palin

Sidenote: Palin didn't write the was prepared for her by Republican handlers.

Lie/Distortion #1: She claimed to be an advocate for Special needs children and presented the McCain/Palin Ticket as Shepards for Childrens health.

Fact: John McCain voted against expanding Schip to millions of American children. Remember the 12 year old boy who Republicans attacked last year? Here's a link to refresh your memory.

Republicans don't have much of a track record supporting the needs of children or the healthcare of Americans.

Lie/Distortion #2: She compared herself to Harry S. Truman (as a way of saying that he was from a small town too....and as a way to deal with the experience question).

Fact: Yes, Truman was from a small town in my home State. But before being nominated for Vice President, Truman had years of experience as an Army officer and Veteran of World War I, was a Judge, and was a U.S. Senator for a decade.

This woman can't be serious.

Lie/Distortion #3: Claimed extensive experience to be VP based on her time as Mayor of Wasilla Alaska, and her one full year as Governor. She claimed in the speech that she would explain what her daily duties were as Mayor... but she never got around to explaining.

Fact: The town of Wasilla had a population of about 6 or 7 thousand when she was Mayor. This is hardly proper preparation to run a Country of 300 million and to deal with a $3 Trillion annual budget....the biggest budget in the World. Pat Buchanan (who Palin once supported) and other respected commentators, and former officials agree....she's not ready. Even Karl Rove agrees; Palin does not meet the qualifications for Vice President.

Lie/Distortion #4: She stated that she has a track record of governing with integrity and goodwill.

Not quite, Mrs. Britney Spears of politics.

Fact: She is currently under investigation in Alaska for ethics violations...(also known as Troopergate) for the wrongful firing of her Public Safety director. Palin wanted the Public Safety director to illegally fire a State Trooper, Mike Wooten, who happened to be Palin's brother in law. Wooten was involved (and still is) in an ugly divorce and custody battle with Palin's sister.

As if that's not bad enough, before becoming Governor, Palin was involved in the firings of several Wasilla City officials... who she did not agree with politically. These city officials were not fired because they were not doing their jobs...they were fired for petty political reasons. Sarah Palin was also nearly recalled as Mayor of Wasilla.

Lie/Distortion #5: She is a reformer...and she killed the Bridge to Nowhere.

The "Reformer" title is a stretch...and the Bridge to Nowhere story is a lie.

Fact: In Alaska, Palin took full advantage of wasteful earmarks (when she was on the receiving end of the money). She also initially supported the Bridge to Nowhere...and was a big supporter of her mentor Ted Stevens... who was indicted recently on corruption charges. Palin was in cahoots with the same corporate donors who sent money to Stevens. See more on the Bridge To Nowhere from the Huffpost.

Lie/Distortion #6: Claimed that her efforts to develop Alaska's oil industry would lead the nation to energy independence.

Fact: We can't get that much oil out of Alaska...not enough to free us from foreign oil dependence. And even if Alaska had half the oil that would be needed for energy independence... it would take at least a decade before we would see any benefit...and even then, it wouldn't be a significant savings for Americans. The Republicans keep framing the debate...and making voters believe that more drilling today will lead to lower prices at the pump next week. That's not going to happen.

The best way to achieve energy self sufficiency is to use a broad mix of sources (including some additional drilling)... but the main focus should be to move from oil as a mainstay of our energy policy. That's old thinking. Breaking dependence on outside oil will eventually require an energy policy built around new forms of energy....alternative energy... wind, solar, hydrogen vehicles, new battery technology, ethanol, natural gas, nuclear, and limited clean coal resources.

Palin is looking out for Alaska when she is talking about boosting the oil industry there...she's not looking out for the U.S.

Lie/Distortion #7: Obama never wrote or sponsored one piece of reform legislation.

Well....she was partly right... he didn't write or co-sponsor just one piece of legislation on reform... he helped write/ or co-sponsored at least 3. All significant.

This woman is going to be worse than Cheney.... we will have fond memories of Dick Cheney by the time Palin settles in as VP.

Fact: Obama co-sponsored ethics reform legislation as a Senator in the State of Illinois. After entering the U.S. Senate... Obama co-sponsored a Bill curbing gifts and gratuities for members of Congress... He also supported laws that require more transparancy (supported a Federal Website for the public) so that voters can see how Congress is spending their tax money. There have also been other ethics Bills supported or sponsored by Obama.


Honest Leadership & Open Government Act of 2006

Legislative Transparency & Accountability Act of 2007

The Coburn-Obama Bill (Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency Act of 2006)

Obama's Work in Illinois Senate
Obama has been applauded for his work on ethics and lobbying reform.

Lie/Distortion #8: Obama is against producing energy.

Fact: No response really needed here. But Obama has been the leading candidate (since early in the Campaign), along with John Edwards, for reforming U.S. energy policy and breaking U.S. dependence on foreign oil. McCain didn't become the Alternative Energy guy until he stole Obama's message about 3 months ago. And he only became the "change" candidate about a month ago.

Lie/Distortion #9: McCain will show compassion to the powerless.

Fact: McCain's record simply does not match the infomercial that the Britney Spears of politics was trying to promote.

From SCHIP (healthcare for poor/needy children) to his lack of support for a better GI Bill for Veterans... and his 19 votes against raising the minimum wage; (and so many other issues) McCain's record just doesn't match the rhetoric.

Lie/Distortion #10: She stated she received more votes as Mayor than Joe Biden received during his latest run for President.

Fact: She wasn't even remotely close to the truth on this. As a matter of fact, she wasn't close to the truth on hardly any of her major claims.

The plane she sold on Ebay?


The above list represents lies that I caught myself... Fact Check may have more. See here.


rikyrah said...

I love my fellow bloggers. You all have been on fire. Help spread that truth.

GPomposi said...

Can we say Desperate!!!

It is obvious McCain’s trying to gain support from (some) Hillary supporters and aiming towards WORKING MOMs WITH CHILDREN.
I'm sorry but it's back fired royally.
PTA meetings and monthly council meeting isn't enough.
Actual Working Mom's do not Trust Palin and believe she is just a puppet.
YES, she is no Hillary or Oprah.
YES, she is not the INSPIRATION and CHANGE we want representing all of us.
Her resume is weak.
It's high school all over again and Miss Alaska is the two face prom queen.
Instead of voting for someone following the click.
SHAME ON YOU, McCain for choosing a DESPERATE woman (who's been losing supporters in ALASKA) for your own selfish and fraught plans.


Blacks4Barack ! said...

From Blacks4Barack:

Great Job Rikyrah. This is VERY important info that everyone should be aware of. Also, we interviewed a current resident of Wasilla who adds many shocking facts about Palin that MSM is yet to mention . Discusses how Palin is currently getting rid of her entire staff to make them inaccessible; discusses the firing of the librarian, discusses how Palin sent thousands of jobs TO CANADA, discusses TrooperGate, how Palin neglected her community following an avalanche on purpose, the Wasilla $19 million deficit she created, why she's really nicknamed 'the baracuda' and more. The resident states that Palin 'Lies Through Her Ears'! You can hear for yourself at

Keep Going Strong Rikyrah. We appreciate all that you do in sharing TRUTH !

Blacks4Barack ! said...

From Blacks4Barack:

SHOCKER ! Must Read Article...

Sarah Palin:
Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

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Brian said...

"I love my fellow bloggers. You all have been on fire. Help spread that truth."

Rikyrah.... let me tell you....

last week I was planning to post a big essay on why I couldn't get completely behind Obama... I was going to criticize his foreign policy, etc... etc...

But there was a serious change in plans. After hearing Palin and the language and tone of the Republican Convention.... I had to set my differences with Obama aside.

McCain/Palin would be worse than Bush/Cheney. Palin is a Fundamentalist Christian.... a true Fundamentalist....not the fake stuff put on by George W. and Cheney. Palin is the real thing when it comes to Fundamentalist Christians...and she will theoretically be in control of nuclear weapons as VP...and will be in full control of nukes and our armed forces if something were to happen to Frankenstein. This is a woman who stated in a TV interview a few weeks ago that she didn't know what the job of VP entailed. Could you imagine the Britney Spears of Politics in charge of this Country.... especially in charge of nukes and the armed forces? Vice President of the PTA...maybe. Vice President of the Food Network, Ladies Home Journal... that might be a better fit. Vice President of Alaska Tourism Bureau... maybe.

But Vice President of these Divided States? Absolutely, unequivicly no!! Not over my drained, tired body.

This is war... a war of ideas and ideals... and I want to be able to look the younger generations in the eye when they ask what did I do to try to prevent this disaster...and win or lose...i'll be able to say I at least tried to do my little part to stop it. Even if it's just blogging.

But now i'm actually thinking of volunteering on election night (if I have that day off... I think i'll be free).

I could use my car to get people to the polls who don't have transportation. I am trying to figure out who I could call in Missouri to volunteer....since i've never worked in a campaign before.

But yeah... Palin (hopefully) sealed her political fate last week. She fired up more than just her base. Hopefully she fired up Progressives too. She woke me up (well...not really, since i'm always awake and aware of what's going on)...but let's just say, she definitely lit a fire under me.

She reminded me of what was at stake and what kind of folks we are dealing with.

Scared me to death really...

Brian said...

And thanks for the linking Rikyrah!

It's a full court press from now till November.

Anonymous said...


He met her at the Wailin Wall--
So John McCain met Sarah,
And, smitten with the Palin Pall
Thought no one could be fairer.

"I have these scars" so he declared--
Here, feel beneath my armpits,"
And then, when secrets had been bared
He led her to the charm pits.

"In nakedness we soul-mates bathe
And we are soul-mates clearly,"
Thus quoth Old John; but heaven's lathe
Continued most severely.

Upon the Day of Judgment and
Upon the Day of Doom,
Will precious pair walk hand-in-hand
Or stay behind in tomb?

Ah, "soul-mates" they--the beast remains
A thing of various backs--
And one may count out spindly gains
Whilst th'other one attacks.

O, John and Sarah were a pair--
He lebeled her well-spunked--
Producing babies in their lair
That came out half-defunct.


Anonymous said...

McCain Lies, Flip Flops and Deceptions;