Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Video - Israelis for Obama

Hat tip: Jack and Jill Politics


Brian said...

I'm not too fond of Israeli policy in the Middle East. Have never been.

Their idea of guaranteeing their security and "reaching peace" = a willingness to fight more wars. They want a U.S. President who will be beholden to Israel, even to the detriment of the best interests of the United States. They also want a U.S. President who will allow them to get away with whatever they want...and will always act on its behalf in the U.N. Security Council... blocking efforts to mend fences, blocking any criticism of Israel (even when it is warranted), etc.

Israel will continue to be nothing but trouble for the U.S... Nothing but trouble. And i'm tired of the 'tail wagging the dog' relationship between the two Countries.

The idea of Obama working in the interests of these foreign governments instead of working in the best interests of the American Public really gives me a headache and palpitations. This is one of the big problems with Obama's foreign policy approach.

With all that said... I suppose it is a good thing that he has some sort of support and some following in Israel. I understand that in order to get elected, he has to kow tow to Israel...more than any other Country on earth... The U.S. practically works for Israel...and really has no choice because Israeli Special Interests and power brokers have infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society. They can make so many decisions in this Country by proxy.

On a bright note... (and I meant to post on this...but have not had time) the new leader of Israel, Prime Minister Tzipi Livni - a female- isn't as much of a hardliner as her colleagues. Hopefully she will be able to beat back a challenge from pro-war nut Benjamin Netanyahu in the regular elections (Netanyahu's Party had been leading in the polls before her appointment). But if she can remain PM, it might be a positive thing to have her and Obama in power at the same time. An attack on Iran might be less likely under that scenario... with an emphasis on "might".

Truthiz said...

@AI- with the exception of your First sentence, I'm in agreement with you:

"I'm not too fond of Israeli policy in the Middle East. Have never been."

The truth is_for ALL of the reasons you articulated and more_ I don't support Israel's Middle East policy at all_and never have.

And I'll tell you_there are times I feel like__perhaps this nation should now be referred to as "The United States of Isreal"_?!

It's obvious to a blind man that Israeli "interests", as dictated by the Israeli government, has been trumping what's in the best "intersts" of the U.S., for decades.

Israeli Zionists along with their crazy-azz cousins_the neoCons in America and Europe_have led both, Israel and America down a path to ruin!

If McSenile wins in November we pretty much know what to expect. NeoCons are his beast friends.

If Barack wins_who knows?!

I'll certainly be watching.

Truthiz said...

I meant to say:

"NeoCons are his best friends."

rikyrah said...


there are things I simply accept as a citizen of the US.

Israel being our 51st state is one of them.