Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin crashes and burns, again

I would like to see what Governor Sarah Palin's preparation entails. It doesn't seem that she actually prepares for anything. Tonight, she was on Katie Couric's CBS evening news.

She's asked about Rick Davis, the campaign manager, whose lobbying firm has lobbied for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She really does not have a coherent answer. Now, this is a softball question. She should have had the answer memorized. There was no way that Kate Couric wasn't going to ask a question about Rick Davis. How can she fumble the ball so badly? It is my understanding? What? Give a strong statement like, "I have spoken with Rick Davis personally. He has assured me that he hasn't received any money from Freddie or Frannie in over 18 months." In my opinion, this is a much better answer. It is positive and forceful. It stops you from looking like a moron and puts the responsibility on Rick Davis where it belongs.

One of her talking points is that Americans are waiting to see what John McCain is going to do. Interestingly, Katie Couric asked her why she believes that. Her answer is fascinating and naïve. She said that she does not look at poll numbers (remember Bush says this years ago) which suggests that Americans trust Barack Obama more than they trust John McCain with the economy but instead, Palin says that she believes that Americans at the end of the day we'll look at John McCain's track record. Track record equals experience. Something she doesn't have.

Maybe the problem is that she is overprepared. She has learned to many talking points and cannot put together a coherent sentence without throwing in a talking point. Maybe that's the problem. I know, I'm grasping at straws.

Katie Couric asked are we looking at another Great Depression. The answer that any intelligent politician who could be one heartbeat away from the presidency should give would be "we are not to let that happen. We're going to roll up our sleeves and do the interventions necessary to prevent another Great Depression." (My wife doesn't like this answer. She thinks that it sounds too canned. Maybe she is right. I know that I don't like a major politician saying that we maybe headed into a Great Depression.) How hard is that? Obviously, it is incredibly hard because that is not what she said. "Unfortunately, that is the road that America may find itself on. Not necessarily this, as it's been proposed, has to pass or we're going to find ourselves in another Great Depression." What? Can someone help this lady, please?

Would you support a moratorium on foreclosures? She can't answer the question. So, Katie Couric tries to get Sarah Palin to explain the pros and cons of a moratorium on foreclosures. Governor Palin can't do that either. She throws out some gobbledygook about predatory lenders and then drifted back to her talking point on a comprehensive long-term solution. She never mentions what that solution is. Or how she and John McCain will get us to this mystery solution.

Sarah Palin has become painful to watch. This is worse that watching a train wreck. This is like that scene in the movie Misery where James Caan gets his ankles broken, it is that painful.


Truthiz said...

I agee...the more we see_and more importantly HEAR from this woman, the more "painful" it gets. The fact that she could be the next VP of the United States is frightening to say the least!

Regarding her "preparations" or the lack thereof:

I think we're witnessing a case of "Stupid is as Stupid does".

Simply put, McSenile's campaign is filled with pretty despicable characters who um_AIN'T too bright! They really are THUGS with money who've spent most of their lives lying, cheating, stealing, scheming and BSing their way through life.

And now they're Palin's "handlers."

Welp_as is being EXPOSED in her "performances"_I'd say they're doing a "heck of a job."

CR Staley aka ButchCassidy111 said...

If we are going to talk about Palin's blunders lets not forget your boy Biden. Talk about a train wreck!!! He's a huge train wreck, first he says that Hilary would of been a better choice then him and then he starts to talk about the U.S. economic situation, and he tells us that we need to look back at history for answer. He then tells everyone that Franklin Roosevelt was the President during the Great Depression. What an idiot. haha.....You also comment on Palin and she has no experience, she still has three times as much as Obama...Lets see what takes the cake Mayor, Governor or Community Organizer??? Your views to me are ridiculous and very unbalanced, so I thought I would help you balance them.

rikyrah said...

I keep on telling folks..she couldn't make it an hour with the readers on any blog that I visit.Stunning.

Truthiz said...

WoW! I knew that "THEY" had to be somewhat afraid that things weren't going as well as "THEY" had hoped for.

But I wasn't sure_until today (that is)_that "THEY" really are afraid that Americans might be beginning to see through all the Rethuglican BS and will vote for the former "Community Organizer" aka Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden.

When I see them posting their blather on Intelligent-minded sites, that tells me that NOT only is their world out of "balance" but "THEY" are truly SCARED.


ecthompson said...


The Great Depression started in 1929. Franklin d Roosevelt was elected in 1932. Are you saying the Great Depression was over by 1932? I think if you check your textbooks almost all of them say that the Great Depression continued through the 30s.

If you put down your biting wit and sarcasm for half a second I think you'll find that Brock Obama was more than just a community organizer. It seems to me that he was elected as a state senator then a US senator. Of course, graduating from Harvard Law school probably counts for something but probably not in your mind.

I was just pointing out that Governor Palin mentioned McCain's track record. I think that judgment is by far more important than experience. FDR had little national experience before he was president. Richard Nixon probably had more national experience than any other president ever elected but he turned out to be a flawed individual. Judgment is the key. I think that Barack Obama has shown fantastic judgment.

Thanks for your comments.

rikyrah said...

NOBODY Black who was this fucking stupid would even be acknowledged.

You know it, and I know it.

Brian said...

I almost feel embarrassed for her.

Unfortunately, the American public doesn't react much to stumbling, lying, etc in these interviews.... especially when the person interviewed is Conservative.
In fact, Republicans are somehow able to get mileage out of spinning these moments as "the candidate looking more human...and therefore relating to average voters". And it works!

But when she comes to St. Louis next week... there will be a bigger audience watching. Even with the changing of the script (making it easier for Palin), this will still be the first event where she has to really answer tough questions in front of a huge audience. I hope Biden defeats her in convincing fashion.

But Biden will be bound... he will be in a very tough position. As a man, he can't appear to be beating up on a woman. And he can't come off as arrogant (hard for Biden to do). He will have to walk a tightrope. Basically he has to beat her.... and be a gentleman while doing it. I'd hate to be in his position (actually i'd love to be in his that I could make Palin look like the lightweight that she is...). As long as Biden doesn't go too far off track and doesn't make any stupid comments, he'll be O.k.

I wonder how many of McCain's Puppeteers will be accompanying the Beauty Queen. Will they be talking to her through an earpiece...telling her what to say? I wouldn't be surprised.

Either way... she is going through some heavy coaching right now. I'm hoping that Biden and Gwen Ifill can rattle Palin enough that she starts to forget her lines. The idea that she is being watched by millions of people around the World might rattle her as well.

A complete Palin meltdown would be an early Christmas present for me.

As much as I like Ifill, she has a tendency to go soft on the folks she interviews. I wish someone more aggressive could moderate.

CR Staley aka ButchCassidy111 said...

So your saying that experience is not as near as important as judgment? What judgment's has Obama made that would make me think he knows anything about running the U.S.? All that I have heard from Obama is he will tax the rich, but this is bad judgement, tax the rich and the powerful and you hurt the rest of us....prices will rise on products to make up for the taxes charged to those who are in the rich. Unemployment rates will skyrocket due to the the rich business owners downsizing to save money since they will be taxed. See democrats say they are so open minded yet they can not see past a month or a year in how much damage their "great idea" will do. same thing with universal health care what a nightmare.

Brian said...

"All that I have heard from Obama is he will tax the rich, but this is bad judgement, tax the rich and the powerful and you hurt the rest of us....prices will rise on products to make up for the taxes charged to those who are in the rich. Unemployment rates will skyrocket due to the the rich business owners downsizing to save money since they will be taxed."

You have been force fed misinformation by the Republican machine.

The fact is... the rich were paying a higher tax rate in the 1990's (pre-tax cut for the rich) and the gloom and doom you speak of never materialized. Remember the 90's? You may be too young... but it was a period of unprecedented economic growth. Jobs increased... not decreased. GDP increased...productivity increased. The Budget was eventually balanced... and we were beginning to pay down the national debt. For the first time in decades, the U.S. had a surplus.

If the economy sinks under Obama... it will be due to the impact of the previous 8 years. In fact, we are likely to see a downturn in 2009, and 2010.... but it won't be because Obama has raised taxes on the Rich. It will be connected to the mess that is taking place now under Bush/Cheney.

In fact... Obama isn't raising taxes. He will simply allow the Bush tax cut for the Rich to expire.

Please get your facts together... instead of simply repeating Republican propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy. It's a good thing she's hot. Otherwise, I'd have to change the channel completely.

At least with her being hot, I can put my TV on mute and still be at least partially satisfied with what I see. It's not until I actually HEAR her speak that I want to vomit.

Brian said...


I don't see the "hot" in this woman.

You might need glasses Andre.

For a Pitbull she looks pretty good though.

Anonymous said...

She definitely has the look of a naughty know, the type who would "punish" me for an overdue book (Bom chicka wah wah). But when reality sets in, all I'm left with is a nutcase who has NO IDEA what she's talking about when it comes to anything political.

Eye candy? Yes. Vice President? Please God, no!