Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hypocrite Karl Rove On Tim Kaine's Experience

You can't be a valid VP candidate if the only experience you have is being the mayor of a small town and then Governor for only a few years. That's what king-maker Karl Rove said three weeks ago on "Face The Nation" about Virginia's Tim Kaine, when he was on Obama's short list...

Watch for yourself... It's truly unbelievable.

But now all of a sudden, Palin (with her one full year of experience as a Governor) is more experienced than Obama and even Joe Biden according to these fruitcakes.

Rovian Republicans and their double standards.

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Lasel said...

McCain is 72 and has had several bouts with melanoma. His chances of completing a presidency are less than we have seen in years. He is consciously and willingly willing to leave the leadership of the USA in the hands of an inexperienced unknown.

This cynicism and lust for power is unconscionable. It is almost treasonous. He has lost any claim he has ahd as an American hero.