Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama Ad Finally Puts McCain In Right Context

Obama has to continue to undercut McCain's phony Maverick and reform themes.

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Truthiz said...

I've reached the point where I view McSenile as a lying sack of sh*t and an OLD tragedy!

Regarding the massive "bailout" plan:

The same anti “Big government” Rethuglicans we’ve heard screaming, for Decades, like stuffed pigs, warning Americans of the “risky and dangerous" undertaking of National health-care appear to have NO problem with the Federal Government seizing control of AIG, _“the largest and most powerful insurance company in the country, as well as virtually the entire mortgage industry and other key swaths of financial services”.

How, pray tell, can this be?!

Oh and Sec. of the Treasury, Paulson wants Congress to “move quickly to pass a $700 billion bailout package..” _because that’s what it’ll take to save “We The People”_?!

Welp, the truth is, I trust what comes out of Paulson’s mouth about as much as I trust Dubya. Which is to say that Unless Paulson can explain exactly WHY $700 billion is “the answer”_and Unless I see the perpetrators of this mess hauled before Congress and made to answer a thousand grueling questions_AND unless those same perps are arrested_AND unless I hear that MAJOR reform of America's banking and financial systems are going to be underway forthwith, _ Paulson et al can SPARE ME the BS!

This country is looking at a category 6 Hurricane named “RECKONING” heading our way and it’s one mad son-of-a -gun!

Americans need to Wake-Up! Bush and company are still GAMING the masses. They have NO idea how to fix any of the mess they’ve created. They’re simply conspiring to STEAL more of Our money as quick as they can and run for higher ground before the Hurricane hits.

I’m watching to see WHO among the Democrats goes for the “quick fix” knowing d*mn well the levies (if you will) will NOT hold!

It really is mind-boggling!

And believe you me_the rest of the World is looking on with shock and bemusement because they know…

…if Obama doesn’t win in November, America is royally Screwed and, by association, so are they!