Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Have Democrats Been Obsessed with the Armenian Genocide?

The Democratic leadership in Congress has now decided to put their Armenian Genocide vote on hold. But why have they been so obsessed with this in the first place?

This took place almost a Century ago, yet the Democrats have decided to bring this issue up out of the blue. Meanwhile there are genocides taking place right under their noses... Live and in their face, right on the African Continent. And it gets almost no attention from the Congress (and that has been under both Republican and Democratic leadership). It is yet another example of how Black lives are perceived to be of less value by the Western powers.

I can still vividly recall how the Western world rallied to take action on behalf of the Albanians in Kosovo, after only a few thousand parished & people had their villages set on fire in what was essentially a civil war. But when tens of thousands die in Africa... there is not nearly the same sense of urgency. Although Jimmy Carter says Darfur doesn't meet the criteria of a Genocide. Yet there is violence along ethnic lines. Tens of thousands have been murdered. Villages have been systematically burned to the ground and people have been driven from their homes in massive numbers. Women and girls have been gang raped. Men have been shot and beheaded in front of their families... and this doesn't qualify as genocide? Just how many Black Africans have to die before it is considered genocide Mr. Carter?

This effort to label the Armenian slaughter a genocide (after all these years...) seems to be some symbolic political move, aimed at improving relations with Armenia so that the U.S. can move even further into Eastern Europe...and it also could be part of an effort to gain another possible launching point for any future military conflict with Iran.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Armenia has good ties with Iran (by necessity, as it is blockaded by neighbors including Turkey on two sides). It will 100% never allow the US to invade/attack Iran through it's territory. Azerbaijan is a much better candidate for this, though Iran has said it will attack any country that allows such an attack from it's territory.

Meanwhile Armenia has very good relations with Russia as well, along with the US, so the influence over it can only go so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this.

I simply couldn't figure out the need to offend our strategic ally, Turkey, especially now.

Your theory sounds quite plausible.