Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Electability

Every now and then I like to go over to the Daily Kos...and smack folks around. :-)

It's fun.... I can't help it. I love stirring the pot, especially on such an important subject (who will be the next President).

The Democrats have fallen in love with Hillary Clinton; so much so, that they don't even question her positions anymore. And when someone does challenge her, they are accused of working for the enemy. She recently scolded an Iowa voter just for asking a question about her Iran vote in the Senate. See Video.

They also hate raising the issue of "electability". I raised the issue of her policy positions and her electability at Daily Kos...and the Clintonians didn't waste time ganging up to attack me. You would have thought I said something bad about the Pope at a Catholic Convention. But they couldn't dent my armor.

See My Daily Kos Post on Hillary


Constructive Feedback said...


Come November 2008 in the Black Community in particular.....HILLARY'S "electability" is not going to be an issue for most Democrats. She is a DEMOCRAT. Is all that matters.

Whomever is in that slot called the "Democratic Presidential candidate for President of the United States" is going to have all of their "issues of electability" swept under the rug as she receives that particular community's votes for the DEMOCRAT.

Just as in 2004 where it was more important to Jesse Jackson that John Kerry win than it was for John Kerry who conceded the race way too soon for Jackson......the utility of the Democrats winning to advance their own racial purposes is primary for the DEMOCRAT who is Black.

rikyrah said...

I read your post, AI. Thanks for it. Yes, you got them riled up..LOL