Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do You Have Words of Wisdom?

Hat tip: Prometheus6

A Wall of Wisdom for my eldest daughter (help needed)
October 31, 2007
By: Lester Spence
Category: black family, announcements

My daughter turns 13 next week. A teenager.

What my wife and I are interested in doing is building a “wall of wisdom”. A collection of ideas and sayings from people we’ve come across in our physical and virtual sojourn.

If you could tell a teenager one thing, what would it be? Because we’re actually building something we’d like whatever you write to be short enough to put on a note card of some sort.

Oh. Feel free to link to this…I’m interested in getting responses from as many people as I can.

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CarlBrannen said...

There are certain things that an uncle can tell his nieces and nephews that parents never can. It all boils down to the fact that being a parent is a form of temporary insanity. It is temporary in that it lasts for one lifetime, more or less.

Because of this, children at around the age 13 to 20 or so, end up concluding that their parents are somehow twisted and can't tell the truth. They sometimes conclude that their parents are unable to speak truthfully.

In fact, this is probably not the case. Their parents can speak truthfully to other people's children, just not their own.

This is a bizarre fact about the world, but eventually you will become a parent and you will do it the same way.

So speaking as a non parent, let me tell you that if you are the cream of the crop, you should try to avoid drugs and alcohol because these things will dull your sharp edge. And you need that edge because the world is a viciously competitive place.

And if you're not the cream of the crop, you should know that from everything I've ever seen, stupid people get stupider when they use these things.

And always remember that even though it may appear that becoming a "success" is an impossible climb from where you are now, the world does have a place for you, and you will eventually find that place. You will stumble on to it, or you will seek it, but you will find it.

So keep your dreams and let time grow you up naturally. No need to grow up overnight, which is what will happen if you get pregnant.f

P.S. Thanks for letting me say this.

Lester Spence said...

thanks carl, and thank you rikyrah for posting this!