Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Co-bloggers Added

Two new co-bloggers have been added.

Andy from Political Realm, and Dr. Errington Thompson have been added to the list of co-bloggers. I don't know how Dr. Thompson finds the time to blog, let alone podcast. But I am glad he agreed to post here as time permits.

Andy and Pamela Jolly have been shy so far...but I look forward to reading the posts of all the co-bloggers eventually.

Take a listen to the latest podcast from Errington Thompson (The Errington Thompson Show), dated Oct. 20th.


rikyrah said...

Welcome to the new bloggers!!

I look forward to seeing their posts!

redante said...

I second Rikyrah -- welcome to my new fellow co-bloggers! I've been having a great time my first few weeks here at Mirror on America

Anonymous said...

I've been swamped with work lately, but I've got some posts coming soon.

Brian said...

No Rush Andy...

Feel free to cross-post the html text from P.R. ... That's the easiest way. IMO. But you could also do original stuff here if you want as well... whatever works for you.